Waiting for Father's Day

To celebrate the launch of The Book of Your Dad, The Book of Everyone commissioned Dave Young to shoot portraits of Dads in the moments before, during and after their partners gave birth. The shots, taken at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital throughout April 2014, manage to capture the emotions etched on the faces of those often forgotten during birth: the fathers.

50% of the proceeds of this book go towards supporting Borne.

In the UK, more than one in ten babies will be born too soon and premature birth accounts for over 70% of long-term disability and death in newborn babies. By purchasing this book you will be helping borne.org.uk whose goal is to help with the long-term health prospects of premature babies and their mothers.

It's father's day on 15th June. You can make The Book of Your Dad here, it's simple to make and free to preview.

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