10 Mother’s Day activities Moms will love

(Even if you can’t spend it together)

Isn’t it funny how there’s one person who always made sure you had exciting things to do? Like activities all planned out, from playdates and art classes to sports practice and dance lessons? Yet when it comes to the one day that’s supposed to be all about celebrating her we don’t quite know what to do to make it special.

If you are also struggling to come up with thoughtful and fun things to do on Mother’s Day, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We collected some ideas for activities and unique Mother’s Day gifts to ensure you make the most of the day. Just to show your mom how much you love and appreciate all she’s done for you. Let’s be honest, it’s the least we can do.

After all, it couldn’t have been easy handling the sleepless nights with a crying baby and the tantrums on the playground. Or the whining about doing homework and juggling work with house chores, not to mention dealing with our rebellious teenage phases. All the while, making it seem so effortless. 

Maybe you want to find indoor Mother’s Day activities. This could be sharing a meal you’ve cooked together, going for a classic brunch, or doing some crafts. Or, maybe you’d rather opt for an outdoor plan such as a vineyard tour or a picnic. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something on this list you’d want to enjoy together.

And if you don’t live close or are unable to see each other in person, don’t worry, plenty of these Mother’s Day ideas can be done virtually.

So here is a roundup of our top 10 things to do for Mother’s Day 2022 with some of our favorite gift ideas to help you plan a memorable day she can cherish until the next one rolls around.

Plan a picnic for Mother's Day

1. Plan a picnic

Park, beach, back garden, or just around the river bend…The opportunities are endless when it comes to finding a place for a little fun in the sun. All you need is your mom, a blanket, and a hamper with all your favorite snacks and drinks.  

If you cannot spend Mother’s Day together, consider sending a basket with her favorite pastries and fruits. Maybe include some orange juice and bubbly for a classic mimosa just to compensate for the distance. You can also set up a picnic in your own back garden and share the experience via a video call.

P.S. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, trust me you’ll thank us later.

Take a yoga class on Mother's Day

2. Take a yoga class

There’s no better way to recharge and relax the mind and body than with yoga. With a hectic and fast-paced mom life, surely some form of self-care is much needed. So grab your mat and sign yourselves up for a yoga class. 

There are tons of online yoga classes to follow in case you are unable to be physically present. You could give Glo a go (they even have an option to gift a subscription) or if you are looking for something more comprehensive, Soul Sanctuary is a great place to start. Make sure you have enough space to avoid accidents though. You probably kicked her enough times way back when you were in her belly, just give her a break.

Go to a wine tasting on Mother's Day, mug gift for mom

3. Head to a wine tasting

If you’re reading this and are above drinking age, consider signing up for a wine tasting. Little bit fancy but definitely a whole lot of fun. You can step it up a notch by taking a trip to a nearby winery or vineyard for a full day outing. 

Word of advice, grab at least 2 bottles to take home. One for her of course, but go ahead, treat yourself too, we know you want to.

Mom’s not into wine? Try a local craft brewery instead. You can also find services that deliver you a selection of wines with descriptions of flavor profiles. Or even have a video call with a sommelier for a full at-home experience. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can find the same services for gin tastings as well. 

Of course, the time spent together on these experiences is the most important bit. However, in case you want a keepsake, a little “Thanks for creating me, raising me, and putting up with me even though sometimes I was/am a pain in the neck” present to go along with it then we have some personalized Mother’s Day gifts for you.

A fun way to commemorate the wine tasting surprise is a personalized mug with a vino-related quote. You can also choose from hundreds of other quotes, or if you’re feeling inspired just add your own text.

Book a spa or massage for mom on mother's day

4. Book a spa day or a massage

In the name of further self-care (yep, sensing a theme here) how about some good old-fashioned pampering? Get a spa treatment or massage appointment for the both of you to enjoy together. The sound of calming spa music and the scent of essential oils will immediately ease your mom into a relaxing day without chores and worries.

If you are unable to go on Mother’s Day, buy a gift voucher for later so you have something to look forward to together.

cook or bake together with mom on mother's day

5. Cook your favorite meal or bake something together

Reminisce about childhood favorite meals by choosing a recipe to cook together. If you have more of a sweet tooth (it’s okay, we don’t judge), then why not go ahead and bake something? Just make sure you have all the ingredients ready and you’re all set for a fun afternoon with a tasty reward at the end. It’s a win-win in our books.

If you’re feeling more adventurous you can sign up for a cooking class both offline or online to see if you can both learn something new and create new traditions.

have a crafternoon, do some diy and crafts, mom and daughter - mom and son on mother's day, personalized wall art gift for mom

6. Hold a “crafternoon”

Get your DIY game on with some Mother’s Day crafts. Make a bath bomb, create some home decor like a wreath or some candles, maybe take a painting or pottery class together. This is a messier activity but it’s worth it.

Many sites offer online crafts activities, either delivering the supplies to your doorstep or sending you a list of things you need to have in advance. Pro-tip, here is where that bottle of wine you got at the wine tasting earlier could come in handy. Again, you’re welcome.

And if it does not quite go according to plan, which let’s be honest could always happen with these things (cue all the Christmas gingerbread house disaster stories), you can always create a personalized canvas for her to hang in her home.

go to an outdoor or drive-in cinema with mom on mother's day

7. Go to an outdoor or drive-in cinema

While some things that have been considered normal everyday activities were halted during the pandemic, we had to find new and creative ways to have fun and stay connected. This meant bringing some old-school classics back in style. Like drive-in or outdoor cinemas. What’s better than having some popcorn and your favorite candy, cozied up in your car watching a blockbuster? Doing it with your mom of course.

With the weather getting better, it’s the perfect time to buy tickets to the next screening. Be sure to pick a movie you’d both enjoy, though.

create a personalized book for mom on mother's day, mother's day gift idea

8. Create a book for her

I guess you could consider this an experience AND a gift all in one, but hear us out. Do you feel like ditching the conventional flowers and chocolate route (which we’re guessing you are since you are reading this article)? There are a couple of more creative Mother’s Day gift ideas out there.

Why not make a personalized book that celebrates her, is full of fun facts and you can also add photos and augmented reality videos to make it even more special? The book of Mum is fun to make but even more fun to give. The best part is seeing her reaction when she receives it. If you are looking for a meaningful, customized Mother’s Day gift, then this one’s for you.

virtual game night for mother's day, personalized gift blanket for mom

9. (Virtual) Game night

Speaking of things being back in style…did you know that board game sales increased by over 20% during lockdown, so much so that difficulties arose for board game companies trying to keep up with demand? Well, this old-new tradition is something worth keeping. Just whip out the games you always used to play together when you were kids. Good old nostalgia, a healthy dose of family competition, and guaranteed laughter. 

Get comfy in the living room with some drinks and snacks and snuggle up with a personalized blanket you made just for her. You can also choose one of our many “Mom quotes ”, write your own or go with the one below.

all time classic, breakfast in bed with a personalized throw pillow gift for mom

10. An all-time classic: Mother’s Day Breakfast in bed

If all else fails, you can always divert back to one of the best Mother’s Day activities of all time…let your mom sleep in and bring her breakfast in bed. Preferably something she loves. Indulge in some pancakes, spoil her with an eggs benedict, or wow her with some waffles. Either way, she’ll appreciate the effort. If you don’t feel at home in the kitchen, just have something delivered or take her out to brunch instead.
Make breakfast in bed even sweeter by gifting her a personalized throw pillow along with it. What more could a mom want than a nicely decorated bed and yummy food?

There you have it. Maybe now you have a clearer idea of what to do for Mother’s Day. Either way, we are pretty sure your mom will appreciate any gesture, be it big or small, just as long as she gets to spend some quality time with you.

If you need more unique Mother’s Day gift ideas to accompany your plans, then check out the rest of our personalized gifts for mom here.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below. Especially if you steal one of our wonderful ideas to make the day perfect.

personalized unique gifts for mom on mother's day

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