5 Father’s Day Gifts scientifically matched to your Dad type.

If there ever was a year where Dad could do with a gift to lift the spirits and make him feel appreciated, it’s 2020. Lockdown will have taken a toll one way or another. This Father’s Day is the perfect time to give him something to smile about and get him back to his old self. To avoid getting him more socks this year, we will attempt to match your Dad Type from last week’s blog to his perfect Father’s Day gift… this is highly scientific, bare with me..

1. Create a personalised map of Dad’s favourite place on the planet

the map of everyone - father's day gift ideas

Popular Dad sanctuaries include his local bar, his beloved sports stadium, his garden shed (occasionally barbecue or wood-fired pizza oven), or in the case of my dad, the barn where he tinkers with his vintage motorcars.

Just enter the location in our map builder, choose a style, and finish with a message for dad. It’s free to try and only takes a couple of minutes.

An ideal personalised gift for The Sports Dad, The Handyman Dad & The Coach Dad.

2. Create a Road Trip Map with Dad

the map of everyone road trip - father's day gift ideas

With lockdown easing up there’s no better time to start reminiscing about a past road trip or holiday you’ve taken together, or better still, plan a new one. 

Dads that love the great outdoors will get a kick out of camping and fishing trips whilst beach dads can head for the coast. Create a map of a past trip or a future trip with our map builder.  Just enter the start location and then add another marker for the destination location. Above is a map I made for my Dad to encourage him to pack his old leather suitcase into his 1937 Frazer Nash and come and visit us in Barcelona.

Ideal Gift idea for: The Road Trip Dad, The Sporting Dad, & The Party-on Dad.

3. Turn Dad’s bedroom into The Hotel of Dad with our free door hanger

free door hanger father's day

Just download this file, print, and cut out. Add Dad’s name and customize, then hang it on his bedroom door for the perfect start to Father’s Day.

An ideal personalised gift for The Workaholic Dad, The Joker Dad, & The Playful Pop.

4. Give Dad his own book all about him

fathers day gift - book of dad

If you know your dad’s birthday (which you definitely never forget, right?), you can make a book about him in minutes. As funny, fact-filled, and unique as the man himself.

An ideal personalised gift for The Professor Dad, The Proud & Sentimental Dad (warning: there will be happy tears), an any Dad!

5. Create a free video celebration for Dad

the video of everyone - father's day video gift ideas

This is a great last-minute gift or if you can’t be with Dad in person on Father’s Day. Just record a video that dad will appreciate  – something funny to make him smile, a few heartfelt words to make his lower lip quiver, an amusing anecdote he’s heard a 100 times before but still loves, a daft verse or silly song to make him chuckle. It’s up to you. The Video of Everyone is free and as fun as you want to make it.  Make yours here.

An ideal personalised gift for all Dads, especially The Dad you can’t see in person on Father’s Day.

Remember, all Dads do have two things in common: 

1.  Deep, deep down they all love you like nothing else in the universe but often struggle to show it, or show it in their own unique way.

2. Because of 1, they appreciate whatever you give them on Father’s Day.  They don’t complain so they rarely get a second thought, so end up with more socks.

Give dad a second thought this year with a unique personalised gift just for him.  And because you put a little more of you in each of these gifts, dad will appreciate them that much more. 

What better way to conclude than with a classic Dad Joke:

What do you call someone with no body and no nose? 

Nobody knows.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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