8 Unexpected birthday present ideas for your wife

It’s her birthday again, and you’re facing the challenge of finding her a present that is both special and different. You know the unexpected gifts give her the most pleasure, but you are certain everything she’d like has already been offered. Out of workable ideas, you find yourself somewhat desperately searching through endless ‘Birthday Gifts For Her’ lists, but nothing captures your attention in the way you hope it will hers.

Step into our carefully crafted list of birthday present ideas for your wife. Each gift has been included based on its ability to bring an element of joyful unpredictability into your offering. Not simply beautiful objects, they are the carrier of a personal expression of how you see her.  After all, as her partner, you have a perspective of your dearest like no other, including herself. And this is where you have the chance to surprise and delight her by mirroring back to her the very things you most appreciate about her that she might not see in herself. Let’s begin.

personalised map of everyone

1. Personalised Map of Everyone

In considering what to give her you might ask yourself, what special events have taken place in the last year that you know when revisited will bring a smile to her face? Has she taken on a new role, become a parent or a grandparent, graduated from a course, or started the journey towards a lifelong dream? Following this lead can take you to a physical place in her world that can be captured and beautifully recorded in the form of a personalised map. There are lots of customisable prints on the market these days, but to make our map offering extra personal we’ve added multiple markers, ample room for a meaningful dedication and a place to add a picture that captures the moment.

romantic personalised record

2. Romantic personalised Record

Along with places, music is a powerful influencer in bringing our memories into the present moment. So if your wife is a music lover then this cute personalised record, which frames a photo of the two of you, is a fun way to visually remind her of a song that holds special meaning for her or indeed for the both of you.

personalised birthday book

3. A personalised birthday book

If you are looking for a memorable present idea for a milestone birthday we recommend our original Book of Everyone. It’s a gift that allows you to let her know both creatively and humorously just how special she is to you whilst also commemorating a landmark birthday. As well as filling it with fun facts about the year into which she was born you can also fill it with your reflections of how she is and continues to be uniquely brilliant to you. This can take the form of including some sneakily taken photos of her that she’s yet to glimpse, making it clear just why she’s a legend in your eyes and sharing what you believe her virtues are. To create a book that is made just for her you’ll need her date of birth, some photos and a little bit of time. 

personalised couple book

4. A personalised Couples Book

A new offering that we are excited to share here at The Book of Everyone is our personalised book for couples. It’s another way for you to express to her, with both humour and heart, the way you see the two of you belong to each other. Just like our original Birthday Book of Everyone, we’ve crafted a curious, charming and celebratory template that can be personalised by you. We’ve done all the hard work so it’s effortless and enjoyable to make it your own and to capture the unique magic of your union.

video celebration card

5. A video celebration card

We recently married our beautiful greeting cards with our video of everyone celebration and the result is a gift that delivers your birthday message in several entertaining forms. First, choose a colourful and celebratory card design that you know she’ll love. Next, fill it with your personal written message for her. Lastly, top it off by including an unanticipated augmented reality video celebration that she can watch through her phone. Or perhaps you don’t end it there and open up the birthday cheer by inviting her friends and family to contribute to the online video celebration. Our tip to make it even more meaningful is to ask yourself and others a question to answer when making a video such as ‘What makes her such a legend?’ or ‘What’s your favourite memory of her?’. 

good morning vibes mug

6. A ‘Good Morning Vibes’ Mug

Our latest contribution at The Book of Everyone is The Personalised Gift Generator, which helps you create bright and beautiful gifts full of personality for all your friends and family. We’ve added a humble mug to our list of unexpectedly delightful gifts for your wife. Whilst we recognise that a mug is possibly the most practical of gifts, you don’t need to let practicality get in the way of giving it a fabulous characterful design.  Find the words that best and humorously capture her character, then bring your vision of her to life by dressing your words with a colourful avatar that knowingly represents her. Her morning caffeine ritual now includes an extra kick of hilarity to take with her into the day ahead.

cards to connect over

7. Cards to Connect Over

In a bid to remind couples of why they matter to each other, The School of life has created the beautiful, articulate and aptly named Connect Cards. If your birthday present ideas for your wife are centred on celebrating what really counts and is worth cherishing then look no further. As humans, we continue to fall into what is habitual and this tendency coupled with the demands of day to day life can unintentionally uproot us away from our belonging. The joy of this gift comes when you take the time out to ask an unexpected question and wait with an open heart to hear the reply.

heartfelt hug of a blanket

8. A heartfelt hug of a blanket

As the cold nights draw in there’s nothing more satisfying than snuggling up on the sofa with a warm fluffy blanket. For those of you with wives whose birthday’s take place in autumn and winter you can double up on the warm fuzzies by presenting her with a personalised fleece that is sure to warm her heart as well as her feet. 

That brings us to the end of our list of birthday present ideas. We hope that our list sparks some ideas for you to bring an element of the unexpected into your special gifting moment.

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