Ask The Book of Everyone: What’s Love?

We’re fascinated by people here at The Book of Everyone, so we’re always asking our readers questions. But this time, with the help of über-talented director Ben Gordon, we decided to start little closer to home: with the people who work here.

Some of us are dating around, others have been together for years, and one of us just got engaged. Plenty of us are parents.

And every last one of us did a double-take when asked “What is love?”


Love’s the one thing we all share. And yet each relationship is so different from the next. No wonder we love talking about love.

Below are some particularly wonderful clips from each interview.

“So what is love, anyway?”


Our CTO Zi and his wife Daria just had their second child, Viola. Her eyes are just as enormous as those of her sister, Mia.

Daria takes a practical approach to that age-old (and as yet impossible) question, what is love?

“How do you know they’re in love with you?”


Our designer Martino is well on his way to becoming a new father with his partner Laura.

Everyone likes being shown how much the other person cares. Martino reveals what she surprised him with on the morning of his birthday (which was this morning! Buon compleanno, Martino!).

“When do you show your love?”


Our Supply Chain Management guy Paul went from pure dating frenzy to madly in love over the course of the fateful night he met Emilie.

Is love found in the intimacy of everyday life or in grand public gestures? Paul talks about their wedding, and how it feels to wake up next to Emilie every day.

“How did love change your life?”


Shruti is our trusty Ant Queen and Admiral Do-Gooder. She and her husband Joy have been together in love for eight years.

He explains how she changed his understanding of what love is – plus how she reminds him of it every morning.

“Sounds good! So… how do you fall in love?”


Zahra is one of our Digital Analysts. The deepest and most loving relationship in her life right now is with her cat, Simba.

She speaks to us about how to really, truly fall in love.

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