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2021 Wrap Up

How will you remember 2021?  I’ll remember holding my niece for the first time.   I’ll remember a surprise birthday excursion to a beautiful vineyard.  I’ll remember England’s barely believable journey to the final of the Euros.  But… I’ll also remember the tantalising near-returns to “normality” and the frustration as they…

Personalised Gifts for Kids

What is the key to buying a great personalised gift for a kid? We spend a lot of time mulling over such questions here. Normally we land on something abstract, more thoughts and feelings than anything methodical. But, just this time I want to try and keep one eye on…

Personalised Gifts: The Ultimate Guide

Giving a personalised gift is the ultimate way to show someone you care. Here at The Book of Everyone, you can create truly meaningful gifts with as little as a name and a date of birth (sometimes, you don’t even need that!). There’s no need to go anywhere else, this…


I have an embarrassingly poor memory. I’m terrible at recalling facts, figures and faces. It’s only got worse as I’ve got older, to the point that I now write almost everything down so I always have something to refer to whenever my brain lets me down. This goes for my…


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