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Writer and Social Media Manager. Books. Bikes. Bands. Simpsons and South Park obsessive.

Supporting Battersea with Wise(ish) Words

We’re extremely chuffed to announce The Book of Everyone’s partnership with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, one of the UK’s most cherished charities. The Book of Everyone will give £5 from every one of our new Wise(ish) Words for Dog Lovers or Wise(ish) Words for Cat Lovers books sold in…

Wise(ish) Words for the modern world

Working on our books generally teaches us things that are more charmingly curious than massively helpful – from little-known creatures, to marathons that don’t require jogging, via taking inspiration from ants. But let’s face it, life in 2018 can be a pretty bewildering experience. So if you can pick up…

Books nobody can read

At The Book of Everyone we’re big fans of… well, books! We believe everyone deserves a personalised book with their name on it, and we’re on a mission to make it happen. When we aren’t busy making our books as good as they can possibly be, we’re reading books and…

A new creature for every year

When you’re part of a team that loves nothing more than throwing itself headfirst into celebrating the charming and the curious, you find yourself learning all sorts of weird and wonderful things. One thing I really love learning from our books is the number of weird and wonderful animals that…

What to expect from my life expectancy

What would you like to know about the future? The lottery numbers, how your favourite TV show ends, if we’ll ever meet aliens? Personally, I’m much more curious about little green men than lottery balls. But that’s just me. What about knowing how much longer you can expect to live…

Getting personal with innovative tech

As someone working in a digital startup I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I don’t fully understand our tech.  But maybe I don’t need to. Perhaps the measure of smart technology is that it does spectacularly clever things without mere mortals like me even noticing. As far as I’m concerned,…

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