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Janel Torkington

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Writer and Social Media Manager at The Book Of Everyone. Word nerd. Sassy futurist. Ukulele plucker. Ottolenghi acolyte.

When were birthdays invented?

Birthdays are like belly buttons: everyone’s got one. Most of us have celebrated our share of ‘em, too. But where does the idea of a birthday come from, anyway? When and where was the birthday invented? Are birthdays a modern celebration, or did Paleolithic people throw the ancient equivalent to…

Do you believe in birthdays?

Everyone’s got a birthday. It’s the one day out of the year that’s all about you. Whether you celebrate it with cake at home or with G&Ts on the town, it’s a day that’s different from the other 364. Have you ever stopped to consider how strange that is? Our…

The bizarre history of the umbrella

We’ve made a quite drizzly Spotify playlist for you to enjoy whilst reading this article. It’s open and collaborative – so please add in your own songs all about inclement weather. Can you think of any we missed? You own one. Maybe two. It’s probably black, unless you’re kooky. And, scientifically, they’re…

Celebrating long-distance birthdays

Being far away from people you love is hard. Being far away when it’s someone’s birthday is even harder. How do you properly celebrate someone’s continued existence in this world when you’re too far away to give them a hug? Why are long-distance birthdays so hard? Long-distance relationships are difficult…

True facts that reek of baloney

We live on a weird, weird planet. And the more you learn about it, the stranger it gets. Many lists of “true facts” on the internet are dubious at best. But this one – although it reeks of cow poop – is absolutely, totally, 100% true. Read on for a…


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