The Best Kid’s Birthday Ever (in lockdown)

How are you all doing? I hope you and your loved ones are safe. 

As a result of so many family gatherings being cancelled, we’ve seen a huge increase in people using our free video celebration service in lockdown. It’s not a replacement for a real birthday party or wedding but it’s a way for friends and family to play a part by sending a big ray of sunshine where it’s needed most. We made one for my dad’s 80th last week that really brightened up what could have been a very unremarkable 80th alone.

Kids Birthday ideas in lockdown

The Video of Everyone is great for kids parties in lockdown. There’s no bigger day in a child’s calendar than his or her birthday. The one day of the year that everyone agrees it’s all about you! Your gifts, your friends, your piñata, your candles, and your cake!  I’m a middle child, I know. Those intoxicating levels of anticipation leading up to the big day, followed by the joy as you run around the house screaming ‘It’s my birthday!’ If you add them all up, there are probably only a handful of these ‘best birthdays ever’: Ages 5-12, then there are the milestones of 18th & 21st (although these 2 can go either way depending on your alcohol availability to tolerance ratio), and sometimes you have to wait until your 40th to run around the house again screaming ‘It’s my birthday!’

The joy of those first birthdays stays with you, and as you become a parent it bubbles to the surface in a nostalgic wave of balloons, candles and chocolate cake, filling you with a mission to do something special for your children. To fulfill that mission in lockdown is especially hard and we all need a little extra help. 

Here are our 3 ingredients to the best birthday party ever (in lockdown):

 1. Friends!

best birthday party ever (in lockdown!) - friends

 The Video of Everyone ensures all of your child’s friends can play a role in his or her big day. It sends a beam of happiness to the birthday boy or girl by creating a fabulous video montage from everyone. Here’s an example of a video celebration made for Max’s birthday. The process is a piece of cake – Max’s mum uploaded his photo to personalise his video celebration page and then sent the video link through WhatsApp to his friends’ parents so they could upload their videos.

 Start your kids video celebration here

2. Presents!

best birthday party ever (in lockdown!) - present

 If you’re looking for something original and lasting for the young ones (and not so young), create a Wise(ish) Words or birthday book for them.  Both are packed full of fun facts and humorous quotes personalised to them and made even more special with your own words and photos. You can even add a personalised birthday card as you checkout and standard shipping is free right now.

 Create your book here

3. Cake!

Sorry, we can’t help you bake, but Martino our talented designer did make this sugary delight to inspire some oven-baked humour.

Bonus Birthday Balloon Waterfall!

No birthday is complete without a bunch of balloons. Tape an open garbage bag to the top of their bedroom door and the ceiling and then fill with balloons. When the birthday boy or girl opens the door, the tape rips, the heavens open and it rains down balloons. Joy guaranteed.

Remember, The Video of Everyone is free for everyone, not just kids. Whilst the world is united in a common goal at the moment, let’s not forget to cheer up those who are alone during the lockdown in your family or your community. You could also make one to thank a hero working in a hospital on the front line.

Stay safe everyone. We hope we can bring you closer to your loved ones in some small way, especially right now when the world needs as much human connection as possible. 

Please get in touch with our customer service if you are suffering additional financial pressures due to the lockdown but are interested in one of our gifts.  We’ll do what we can to help. 

Keep smiling (from behind that face mask).

It’s going to be alright. 

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