Books for brilliant brothers

As a company that wants to help make the world feel a bit more human by celebrating relationships, it makes sense that we spend a lot of time thinking about love. It’s certainly a lot better than spending your entire working day looking at spreadsheets.

We put a lot of effort into thinking about how we can help celebrate the love between a mum and her kids, between grandparents and their grandchildren, between best mates, and the love that’s shared with the person who makes you weak at the knees.

But what about brotherly love? Beyond arm-punching and prank-playing, brothers share a special bond.

When we were beta-testing the new Oz editions of our books to iron out any creases and tweak any tech issues, I asked a couple of my friends if they’d be interested in making one and sending it to a loved one. Zac is one of my mates from university days in Melbourne who now lives in New York with his wife Jill. He decided to make one for his older brother.

Hi Zac! Can you tell me a bit more about your brother and what you remember most about growing up together?

My brother and I grew up in the north of New South Wales, and then in Perth. We were always out and about, adventuring, getting amongst it.

In New South Wales we lived in a valley that we were pretty much free to explore, down to the creek to race boats, up to the dam to swim (and dodge the occasional snake), or making imaginary worlds in the sand pit.

So you guys got up to what people might think of as classic brotherly stuff growing up?

Yeah absolutely. When we moved to Perth we ended up living by the beach, which became our second home. Perth was a pretty quiet place when we were growing up so when there weren’t any waves we made plenty of our own fun, jamming with friends (there were always instruments around), riding our bikes, skateboarding.

And now you’re on opposite sides of the world, right?

He is still in Perth, raising his kids with his wife. It is a long way from where I am in New York, so it was nice to be able to send The Book of Everyone as a thoughtful personalised gift.

Did you enjoy customising pages and changing them to write your own messages, add in photos and stuff like that?

I had a lot of fun making changes to the pages. I put in a few references that I knew only he would get, inside jokes from our childhood. It was fun imagining him explaining the silly jokes we made together when we were young to his wife and kids.

Even though we are well and truly adults we still recycle some of those jokes from childhood, so it was fun to see them written down in print, giving our childhood silliness a little extra longevity.

That’s really cool! What was his reaction, did he like the book you made for him?

My bro loved the book. He has been reading it with his kids, which is nice. It’s a fun way for him to spend time with his kids and laugh about him and I growing up together, as well as learning a whole bunch of fun and interesting things about the world.

Anything else you want to add?

The Book of Everyone was a great gift for my brother, and would be a great gift for anyone with an inquisitive mind and a fascination with the more curious and quirky elements of the world.*

Great! Thanks for your time Zac.

So if your brother is also your best mate and you’ve (mostly) passed the phase of sibling rivalry, or if you just want something unique and a little quirky for a special occasion, check out the Australian editions of our books.

*(And no, I promise I did not pay Zac to say this. I didn’t even bribe him with ice cream…)

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