Behind The Design

Paint a mural? Actually, you can.

To celebrate our new book for kids, Wise(ish) Words – and spread a little of the sort of advice youโ€™ll find in it – one of our designers, Daniela, has brightened up an otherwise dreary wall near our office. Weโ€™re lucky to have a whole load of very talented designers…

Removing One Letter From Book Titles

Ever found yourself looking at the cover of a book and wondering what it might be about in a parallel universe where just a few small things are different? Us too! Our curiosity got the better of us so we did what anyone would do and put a question out…

Brand New Island Gift Wrap

We are lucky to have some truly incredible designers in The Book Of Everyone office. These days, they’veย been busily working on designs for brand spanking new gift wrap. Here’s a sneak peek at an originalย from one of our favourite in-house geniuses, Martino Pannofino – in his own words. How would…

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