Personalised Gifts for Kids

What is the key to buying a great personalised gift for a kid? We spend a lot of time mulling over such questions here. Normally we land on something abstract, more thoughts and feelings than anything methodical. But, just this time I want to try and keep one eye on…

8 reasons why the world needs Hanukkah now more than ever

Whether you’re a newcomer to the Jewish “Festival of Lights,” or you’ve been celebrating it every year for as long as you can remember, Hanukkah (aka Chanukah, pronounced the same way except with extra oomph in that first “h”) couldn’t come at a better time than now. This year has…

The best personalised gift ideas are the crazy ones.

“That great little camera…gorgeous bracelet…adventure holiday in Japan…sweet little Chihuahua….would make a lovely gift for someone, wouldn’t it Jonny?” Followed by a gentle elbow in my ribs. Finding the right gift is not always this easy – especially for those who are not as unsubtle as my wife. Besides a…


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