Fascinating Facts About Birthdays

Let’s talk about December birthdays

December! It’s a tinsel-strewn, winter wonderland of a birthday month. December birthdays are a bonus celebration at what’s already proven to be “the most wonderful time of the year”. People are well and truly in a party mood with Christmas just an Advent calendar’s countdown away. Trees are being decorated,…

Fascinating Facts You Didn’t know About September

I think this year it is safe to say a massive welcome to September. The kids are back to school, their pencil cases brimming with new pencils, pens and optimism. The recent summer holidays of the well-rested teachers will seem like distant memories in just a matter of days. If…

7 unforgettable ways to wish someone a ‘happy birthday’

Bumps, ear-pulling, nose-greasing, or just a good belting. Where did the idea of celebrating your birth start? The ancient pharaohs were the first civilisation to celebrate birthdays. However, the hieroglyphics are unclear whether they celebrated their birth as a human or their birth as a god  – which happens to…


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