Let's Talk About Birthdays

Let’s talk about May birthdays

After April’s traditional showers turned into snow storms and a heatwave in the UK you can sigh with relief now that May’s arrived. Whether that means the weather will calm down is anyone’s guess but at least officially speaking spring is well and truly under way. If you were born…

Let’s talk about March birthdays

March, March, marvellous March! This is usually the first month of the year that it feels like winter might not actually last forever. The sky is a little brighter, the temperature is a tiny bit warmer, and the first spring flowers are starting to appear. The arrival of the third…

Let’s talk about December birthdays

December! It’s a tinsel-strewn, winter wonderland of a birthday month. December birthdays are a bonus celebration at what’s already proven to be “the most wonderful time of the year”. People are well and truly in a party mood with Christmas just an Advent calendar’s countdown away. Trees are being decorated,…

Let’s talk about November birthdays

Nippy November is a golden phizzwizard of a birthday month. November birthdays sneak in just when everyone’s gearing up for the winter holidays – but no one’s yet suffering eggnog burnout. The chill in the air still feels novel, and everyone’s showing off their snazziest scarves. So November babies have…

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