Monthly Quiz

How well do you know May?

Are you a brainbox when it comes to important dates? Can you be considered the May day mastermind? If this sounds like you, take a shot at our new quiz all about the month of May. How many can you get correct? If you loved finding out some of facts…

How well do you know your saints?

Saint George’s Day is here. The PG legend of a hero slaying a dragon and in the process winning the hand of a beautiful princess has been recounted over and over again. But Saint George is the patron saint of England, but what other saints exist around the world? Why…

How well do you know these influential moms?

With International Women’s Month and Mother’s Day coming up, we’ve been looking into impressive things pregnant women have done and now we’ve got a quiz all about some pretty influential mothers. Take a punt and find out how many you know… Want to thank an influential mum in your life…

How well do you know March?

Introducing our new curious monthly quiz concerning all things about the month of March. From famous pieces of architecture, to deadly weapons to award winning film stars. Are you the champ? Are you a brainbox? Or do you need to ‘March’ back to bed? Test your knowledge below and see…

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