Mother's Day

10 Mother’s Day activities Moms will love

(Even if you can’t spend it together) Isn’t it funny how there’s one person who always made sure you had exciting things to do? Like activities all planned out, from playdates and art classes to sports practice and dance lessons? Yet when it comes to the one day that’s supposed…

Making our mums proud

There are loads of really good reasons to enjoy your job. For those of us in the team at The Book Of Everyone the thing that we love most about our jobs is knowing that at the end of everything we do there’s a moment between people who care about…

5 Affordable Gift Ideas For Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up fast on May 9th, it’s time to strap on our thinking hats and get to conjuring up the most fanciful gift ideas to tell our moms just why they are the best in the world. But this year, let’s make things a little different and…

How to raise happy children

My mother spent many of the final years of her teaching career in trouble with Ofsted, the UK governing body. Her teaching approach was unconventional but she believed that children learn best when it’s contextualised in meaningful ways and when they have a sense of ownership. This involved unleashing their…


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