People Are Amazing

Amazing Stories in the time of COVID

A month ago we asked our customers for personal stories about amazing people who would be an inspiration to us all during a tumultuous year. A huge thank you to everyone who took time to write to us; every story was truly moving and wonderful. We cannot feature them all,…

How to raise happy children

My mother spent many of the final years of her teaching career in trouble with Ofsted, the UK governing body. Her teaching approach was unconventional but she believed that children learn best when it’s contextualised in meaningful ways and when they have a sense of ownership. This involved unleashing their…

Introducing your Humble Hero

It’s been quite a humbling experience for us. We received so many nominations, including one for a dog, a rescue Staffie called Buddy who recovered from an abusive puppyhood to become an animal charity’s keenest fundraiser, and lead workshops for nervous dog owners.So here’s an honest-to-goodness thank you to everyone and anyone who entered, from the deepest recesses of our hearts here in The Book of Everyone.So who’s the nominee to be cast in bronze? They must have done something truly amazing. And yes they have.

How to celebrate someone amazing, amazingly

I’m not talking Albert Einstein, Beyonce or even Rick Astley kind of amazing. I’m talking truly amazing people. The kind of people that have put up with you and your silly ways for most of your life – amazing. The kind of people that really know you with all your foibles and still want to be your friend – amazing. The kind of people that will tell you when you have toilet roll hanging from your pants – amazing. The people who tell you when you are not being amazing – amazing.

Anne Tranmer: Foster parent 200 times over

In our People Are Amazing series, we seek out great stories from the people who make and receive our books, applying just a little bit of word wizardry and beautiful illustration to bring them to life. We print out and send over a poster of their original design, and publish…