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8 Unexpected birthday present ideas for your wife

It’s her birthday again, and you’re facing the challenge of finding her a present that is both special and different. You know the unexpected gifts give her the most pleasure, but you are certain everything she’d like has already been offered. Out of workable ideas, you find yourself somewhat desperately…

Personalised Books for Christmas

This guide is designed to save you time doing your Christmas gift shopping, whilst helping you create gifts that your friends and family will love. Six GOOD reasons to give them one of our personalised books this Christmas: They’re much easier to wrap than a puppy.There are no fiddly parts…

Fascinating Facts You Didn’t know About September

I think this year it is safe to say a massive welcome to September. The kids are back to school, their pencil cases brimming with new pencils, pens and optimism. The recent summer holidays of the well-rested teachers will seem like distant memories in just a matter of days. If…

2020. Well, that was uneventful wasn’t it?

2020 has been a year to remember, but one which many would probably prefer to forget. For The Book of Everyone we have to count our lucky stars. Our team remained healthy and as an online personalised gifts business, we were relatively well positioned to ride the storm. Looking back…

The first sign of middle age. And how to beat it.

I’m not talking about the usual physiological slippages such as paunches, pop bellies and body parts migrating south. Or grey hairs, receding hairlines or your skin feeling a little too big for your body. Or even those common psychological intruders like confusion with technology or what ‘young people’ are talking…


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