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8 Unexpected birthday present ideas for your wife

It’s her birthday again, and you’re facing the challenge of finding her a present that is both special and different. You know the unexpected gifts give her the most pleasure, but you are certain everything she’d like has already been offered. Out of workable ideas, you find yourself somewhat desperately…

Every Map Tells a Story

Since I was little, I have been a big fan of writing lists. It helps me organize myself and calm my thoughts. I started making lists of my homework of the 3rd grade that was due the next day, lists of my upcoming projects, lists of my favourite things, lists…

Greece. 3 islands. 23 years and a world apart.

Never has a country held such unforgettable yet profoundly different memories for me. I’ve been to Greece three times over the last twenty-odd years and experienced three very different countries. Looking back, I get the feeling that it wasn’t the country that changed so dramatically, it was me. Here’s my…

2020. Well, that was uneventful wasn’t it?

2020 has been a year to remember, but one which many would probably prefer to forget. For The Book of Everyone we have to count our lucky stars. Our team remained healthy and as an online personalised gifts business, we were relatively well positioned to ride the storm. Looking back…

How to create an anniversary gift like no other

Let’s start by stepping back into the history of romantic gifts… Medieval romance. Anyone? The tradition of anniversary gifts dates back to medieval times. Move aside images of bloody knights battling in muddy fields, horrific plagues and gloomy, damp castles. From the medieval darkness came a blossoming romantic movement of…


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