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The best (worst) dad jokes from around the world

If you thought that it was only English speakers who loved a ridiculous and groan-worthy joke, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that this pastime exists all around the world. We decided to delve into some of the most ‘dad-worthy’ jokes there are from different countries, some may not make…

How well do you know these famous dads?

With Father’s Day on the 16th of June, we decided to take a look into some famous dads we think deserve recognition, fictional and non-fictional. From beloved cartoon characters to famous sports stars. Have a swing and see how many you can get right. It’s only a little while until…

National Earth Day: heading in the right direction?

It’s difficult to escape it. Every day we hear about another natural disaster that could have been averted, animals that have been washed up on shore with their mouths full of plastic bags and straw, and an unnerving amount of waste littered in once beautiful parks and beaches. Rising temperatures,…

Frankenstein – The True Story

In previously unseen documentation, it has been revealed that Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was indeed based on a true story. After some damning evidence was uncovered, it was found that Shelley had actually tried many of the experiments on her pet dog, Richard. In one particular article in the ‘Journal of…

9 April Fools traditions from around the world

From spaghetti growing on trees in Switzerland, to a ficitious republic consisting of a semi colon shaped Island called San Serriffe, we love to make people look a little bit silly on April 1st. It’s all the more satisfying when we see people taking these fictitious stories as a given,…

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