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Christmas dinner around the world

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you live now, if you celebrate Christmas then food is bound to play a big part in the festivities. When I was growing up the highlight of Christmas dinner wasn’t the turkey, the trimmings, or my nan’s mince pies (although they were,…


I have an embarrassingly poor memory. I’m terrible at recalling facts, figures and faces. It’s only got worse as I’ve got older, to the point that I now write almost everything down so I always have something to refer to whenever my brain lets me down. This goes for my…

5 Affordable Gift Ideas For Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up fast on May 9th, it’s time to strap on our thinking hats and get to conjuring up the most fanciful gift ideas to tell our moms just why they are the best in the world. But this year, let’s make things a little different and…

8 reasons why the world needs Hanukkah now more than ever

Whether you’re a newcomer to the Jewish “Festival of Lights,” or you’ve been celebrating it every year for as long as you can remember, Hanukkah (aka Chanukah, pronounced the same way except with extra oomph in that first “h”) couldn’t come at a better time than now. This year has…


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