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5 affordable gifts ideas for mum

With Mother’s Day coming up fast on the 31st of March, it’s the time to strap on our thinking hats and get to conjuring up the most fanciful gift ideas to tell our mums just why they are the best in the world. But this year, let’s make things a…

6 Amazing Things Women Have Done (While Pregnant)

International Women’s Day is upon us. This spring we’re taking part in the Team Mum campaign to support pregnant women and new mums in rural Kenya. In the spirit of today’s special holiday and this campaign, we’ve reflected on the amazing feats that strong independent females have accomplished. While pregnant.…

9 Weird Ways Our Ancestors Said ‘I Love You’

We’re often try to think up the most outlandish ways to say those three magic words. Whether it be by hiding a silver necklace in a three-tiered meringue, renting a plane with a smoke machine to write your lover’s name across the sky, or something equally as cheesy…. Originality. Is.…

7 romantic customs from around the world

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. The time to show the people we love how much they mean to us by gifting little wafer biscuits, flower assortments, pasta portraits (sorry Silvia) or other gestures of looooove. That’s not to say that February 14th is the only day to say…

Fantastic Friendships to Celebrate This Galentine’s Day

As February rolls on, there’s one thing on everyone’s minds: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re happily coupled off or single-and-ready-to-mingle, February 14th is the one date in the year that either fills you with excitement, or with dread. This year, though, we’re adding new date to the calendar for all our…

New Year’s all over the map

Following on from my recent very serious research into Christmas dinner around the world, I volunteered to take on another assignment and investigate different countries traditions for welcoming in the New Year. Never let it be said that I’m afraid to take on the tough jobs… I don’t know about…

Supporting WellChild this Christmas

We’re incredibly proud to be working with WellChild again this Christmas, helping raise funds to support their work. Our mission at The Book of Everyone is to make the world a little bit more human. We’re trying to do that one personalised book at a time.   So this Christmas,…

Christmas dinner around the world

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you live now, if you celebrate Christmas then food is bound to play a big part in the festivities. When I was growing up the highlight of Christmas dinner wasn’t the turkey, the trimmings, or my nan’s mince pies (although they were,…

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