The Musings of Everyone

Customs and rituals

Customs and Rituals could be the title of a dusty rule book for members of a secret club. There’s an air of mystery that just plain fits. Customs and rituals are things that have meaning and make perfect sense to the people involved, but not necessarily to anyone else. And…

Stockings are the best part of Christmas

Stockings are what Christmas is all about. All the cheer and joy that is associated with the 25th December can be found stuffed into the stocking. Not convinced? Allow me to persuade you… The endless build-up For the whole of December, all minds are occupied by the stocking. Everything associated…

Me, My Dad and Sport

Sitting at the dining room table surrounded by files. The king of a castle with paper ramparts. Dad would stay up until the small hours face scrunched in concentration, reading page after page of witness statements, police reports and legalese. It looked serious and interesting but definitely not fun. A…

Love in the age of personalized books

Working with a company all about personalised books changes how you see the world. These days – like so many others – I find the news hard to stomach. Clickbait sensationalism renders shocking updates into a horrific tapestry. A sense of deep unease permeates my social feeds and dinner table…

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