The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day… it’s a tricky customer. There’s much to think about. How does your other half feel about Valentine’s Day? Will you be able to strike that balance between making a fuss but not overdoing it? Where can I dump the kids for the night? Not to mention what the…

Personalised Books for Christmas

This guide is designed to save you time doing your Christmas gift shopping, whilst helping you create gifts that your friends and family will love. Six GOOD reasons to give them one of our personalised books this Christmas: They’re much easier to wrap than a puppy.There are no fiddly parts…

How to find gifts for her?

At a recent Sunday brunch, my friends and I started discussing how finding the right gift for somebody can be quite a challenge. The conversation got even more intense when the party of 8 -4 men and 4 women- started debating why getting a gift for the different women in…

Personalised Gifts: The Ultimate Guide

Giving a personalised gift is the ultimate way to show someone you care. Here at The Book of Everyone, you can create truly meaningful gifts with as little as a name and a date of birth (sometimes, you don’t even need that!). There’s no need to go anywhere else, this…

Greece. 3 islands. 23 years and a world apart.

Never has a country held such unforgettable yet profoundly different memories for me. I’ve been to Greece three times over the last twenty-odd years and experienced three very different countries. Looking back, I get the feeling that it wasn’t the country that changed so dramatically, it was me. Here’s my…


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