What’s your mum’s greatest superpower?

Mums are amazing. They come out of the maternity ward having given birth not only to a child but a complete set of mum superpowers. We thought it fitting to compile the definitive list this Mother’s Day. Here they are, enjoy. 1. Magical healing powers Doctor, therapist, medicine woman and…

A humble hero of our time

Who would you consider a hero? Hercules? Robin Hood? Mother Teresa? Batman? Beyoncé? All of the above? Heroes can be different things to different people, and the definition changes with the times. Whereas in ancient times heroes were mighty warriors who performed unbelievable feats of bravery, today’s more civilised society…

The struggle for a day for dads

All over the world, people have a unique and special relationship with their old man. Some good, some not so much, but unique all in their own way. Reflective about the fact that Father’s Day is here in Australia, it got me pondering about the history of a day dedicated…

Who likes birthdays, anyway?

I don’t want to go too Grinch on you, but I have a confession. I don’t like birthdays. I’ve never had a birthday party – at least, as far as I remember. I couldn’t tell you what I did for the last ten birthdays. I don’t make the date public…

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