Celebrating legends in Glasgow

Ever wish you could shout from the rooftops about your legendary best friend? Your unbeatable grandpa? Your marvellous mum? In Glasgow, we’ve given people the chance to do just that.

Throughout September, 50 buses, 67 bus stops, and 9 billboards around the city will carry messages, from real people to real people. Like: “I REMEMBER WHEN YOU HAD DREADS.” And “A DOUBLE GIN SAYS YOU CAN’T PRONOUNCE JAL-A-PEÑ-O.”

This was no small task. During the past weeks, our little team has made over 2000 calls to our Glaswegian customers, seeking the weird and wonderful stories of the people they made books for.  

For weeks, our man Paul could be heard on the phone, talking for hours to friendly Glaswegians. Lucky he’s the chatty sort.

All kinds of stories surfaced. Plenty were funny. A few were incredible. Almost all were touching.

We heard about Ronnie Steel, a dad who has run over 200 marathons… dressed as a clown.

We heard about Emma Thomson, the only person on her oil rig who worked in pink toed boots.

We heard about Pete McKechnie, an 80-year old granddad who made a hovercraft out of old car parts and went for a swim in the Arctic Circle. As you do.

The stories poured in.

When we reached 100 stories total, we crafted messages from them proclaiming what was wonderful about each person… distilled down to fit on a billboard or bus stop.

Meanwhile, our incredibly talented designers created original artwork for each and every story, ready to shine across the city.

And now, we’re ready to send them out. And just a wee bit excited.

So if you’re in Glasgow in September, keep your eyes peeled. You never know you might spot a legend you know on the side of a bus.

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