Children of The Book of Everyone: Interviews about our dads

Kids say the weirdest and funniest but most truthful things. The stream of consciousness which often results in some pretty unexpected comments can at times catch us off guard. It’s always a chore when you’re trying to sip your tea in peace and they blurt out an off-the-cuff comment, leading to hot brew spraying out of your nose and mouth, all over your carpet.

In preparation for Father’s Day on June 16th, we decided to find out what the kids of some of The Book of Everyone team really thought about their dads.

We invited Jonny’s son Enzo (aged 9), Jason’s son Tao, (aged 5) and Dan’s daughter Siyana (aged 3) to give us an insight into what it’s really like being the child of one of the team members. We tried to stay on-script for the duration of the “interviews”, but in some instances went slightly… off-piste.

We’ve included some of our favourite impromptu questions and answers at the end, but just make sure your cup of tea is placed somewhere safe.

Read on to find out just how these interviews went….

Dan and Siyana

What does your dad do for his job?

Siyana: I think you work on your computer.

Tao: He works on computers.

Enzo: Personalised books.

What else is your dad really good at?

Siyana: When the day is fireworks, I was in the morning there was fireworks and I couldn’t play animals with my little brother so my brother cried.

Tao: *long silence and thinking* Doing numbers.

Enzo: Playing football, helping me with homework, telling jokes.

What’s your favourite joke your dad tells?

Siyana: Show your friends [your funny jokes]. He plays silly things and funny jokes and playing dimonis at me and playing a clown.

Tao: *Pulls Jason’s finger and Jason makes fart noise* Hehehe.

Enzo: What do you call a Mexican that has lost his car? Carlos.

Jason and Tao

Do you have a nickname for your dad?

Siyana: Dimoni

Tao: Daddy

Enzo: Fatty bum bum

What’s your favourite thing to do with your dad?

Siyana: My favourite thing to do is having adventures with my mummy, my daddy and Arthur. That go to the zoo.

Tao: The bicycle. On the road and the beach.

Enzo: Playing football.

What’s one thing you love about your dad?

Siyana: I love my family.

Tao: Umm umm umm *30 second silence* …. I don’t know.

Enzo: That he’s funny.

Jonny and Enzo

Off-script answers

We found out that keeping the attention of children can be pretty difficult for more than 10 seconds, so it’s only normal that while asking some of these questions we sometimes went off on tangents. Here are some of our favourite questions and answers that weren’t planned:

Does your dad dance a lot?

Siyana: Sometimes my daddy doesn’t dance very well because he does a silly dance.

What’s your favourite thing that your dad says to you every day?

Tao: I love you.

If you wanted to watch and see the videos of these interviews for yourself, keep an eye out for our Instagram page, where these are going to be published over the next couple of days.

Being a dad is no easy feat, so if you are looking for a way to say ‘Thank You’ to yours this Father’s Day, head over to and take a look at our Book of Dad. Personalise each page by writing messages, adding photos and more to make it a truly memorable present.

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