Computer blues and customer happiness

Recently, we’ve been talking all about how our Customer Happiness team goes above and beyond to help our customers make the perfect personalised book.

We also told you some of our favourite stories about how the team uses their ‘Fantastic Fund’ to do some extra special things for some of our customers.

More often than not, our Customer Happiness team will go even further to help people create and receive their books. In fact, on a pretty regular basis they find themselves helping customers who need a little more general “tech support”.

We’ve put together some of our favourite examples of when they’ve been there to save the day.

Common conundrums

Our Customer Happiness team has dealt with their fair share of technical issues experienced by our customers. Over time, the team have developed their own ingenious methods for tackling those situations to navigate the confused callers through the journey of creating their marvellous books.

On one occasion in particular, our Customer Happiness mastermind JP was on the phone with a confused customer who was having a hard time making his book. After troubleshooting the most common problems, JP asked him which web browser he was using. The man replied, with confidence, that his browser was wifi.

I, for one, would have been flabbergasted by this answer, yet JP was no novice and knew his way around this. He simply asked the man to open “the Internet” and describe what it looks like: a fox, an E, or a three-coloured globe. Armed with that information, JP could see what was standing on the way between this man and his book and fixed it.

Thus, thanks to his inventiveness, JP helped to get another customer to complete his order.

Going the extra mile with tech

Alas, this hasn’t been the only time that the Customer Happiness team has been taken aback by an odd issue. But our unsung masterminds always find a way to overcome whatever difficulty they encounter.  

A while back on a rainy Thursday morning, our Customer Happiness team received a call. A lady was struggling to make her book and desperately needed our help. Luckily, JP was there to lend a helping hand.

Keeping a cool head, he talked her through each one of the pages, heroically crafting each one with unceasing care and charm. He even went on to send her a screenshot of the button that she had to click to continue and order her book.

After all his help the only thing left to do was to press the button to purchase. Problem solved, right?


Not much later, JP received another email from the same lady. She said that the image he had sent was not working.  JP very puzzled at the idea that the site wasn’t working, asked for more information.

‘Yes, I’m clicking the image you sent me through email, but it isn’t responding. Please help.’

As it turned out, the lady had been trying to click on the image that she had been sent, not completely understanding the concept of a screenshot.

JP had to put his tech cape back on and explain what a screenshot was and how to click on the actual button. Luckily, he’s as good at demystifying technology as he is at making our customers happy. All was well and we had another content customer with their beautiful book.

Back to basics

Sometimes our Customer Happiness team goes even further back to the basics of technology in its quest to make our customers happy.

During an otherwise standard call from a customer, Joe, who you might have read about in our other blog about his cheeky encounters with customers, quickly realised that the lady on the other end of the phone had no clue how to use a computer.

He thus embarked on the uneasy mission of teaching her what a search bar is, how she can copy and paste, and how to right click, among other techy tips and tricks. After more than an hour on the phone, she had been transformed into the next Bill Gates – sort of.

You know how the saying goes. ‘Give a man a fish and he’s fed for a day. Teach him how to use a computer and he can order it online for the rest of his life.’ We’d like to think that we changed that lady’s life for the better, like the rest of our customers’.

At the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for. Whether we help our customers by creating show-stopping books, or by explaining how technology works, we don’t stop until we reach the best solution. And the backbone of that is none else than our Customer Happiness team: resourceful, imaginative, and always up for a challenge.

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