Dads Through The Decades: Meet ’70s Dad

Dads Through The Decades

We’ve been thinking about dads. While no two dads are exactly alike, our memories of them – what they looked like, what we watched together, the music they played in the car – are a product of their time.

With that in mind, we embarked on our Dads Through The Decades project, asking you to share your memories of your Dad in the decade of your youth.

Those stories (combined with a few of our own) are helping us to create some fantastic paper doll style illustrations of ‘Dad’ stretching back from the ‘00s to the ‘50s – just in time for Father’s Day.

Meet ’70s Dad

‘70s Dad sometimes liked to consider himself the Godfather of the family. And you all played along. He was in charge and was the man you went to for solving problems.  

He could be strict and stodgy at times… but didn’t actually rule the roost with the same uncompromising approach as Don Corleone.

Besides, you could never quite take him seriously as a make-believe mafia boss when he stood before you in a dazzlingly unsettling outfit of painfully tight flares, wide collar shirt, and platform shoes. All in a ‘tasteful’ combination of browns and oranges.

Unfortunately, history has not looked kindly on ‘70s Dad’s style. On the sliding scale of cool, he was closer to Howard Cunningham than The Fonz.

However, ‘70s Dad did know how to make sure that you were the coolest kid in town. He kept your roller skates rolling and your Chopper from becoming a cropper.

He drove you and your friends to the Odeon in his brand new Ford Cortina Mk III. And even if he didn’t stay for the films, ‘70s Dad didn’t have to wait long before he knew all of the words to the soundtracks (thanks to you).

From Robin Hood and Little John “walking through the forest” to hearing you try and make inanimate objects come to life with the help of some ‘Substitutiary Locomotion’, ‘70s Dad knew them all. Sometimes he’d even burst into a little chorus of ‘Oompa Loompa’ when he thought you weren’t listening.

He marvelled at Concord’s first commercial flight, cheered the house down when Ali won the Rumble in the Jungle, and spent an entire month listening to The Beatles after the news came out that they were breaking up. He also used your pocket money to make sure you understood what decimalisation meant.

He wasn’t sure about “this Ziggy Stardust character”, and he couldn’t get his head around your obsession with the Bay City Rollers. But he could ‘Crocodile Rock’ with the best of them, and his Bee Gees disco moves were the stuff of legend.

‘70s Dad let you have the have the run of the dining room for hours on end so that you could perfect your skills as the Dungeon Master. Once he’d got the gist of it, he took your ongoing Pong tournament way more seriously than you did. And he could tell with one look at your mood ring just how much it got on your nerves that he was virtually unbeatable at Connect 4.

When you asked him to reveal the secret of his invincibility, ‘70s Dad would check that nobody was listening in, lean in and say, “These aren’t the Connect 4 tips you’re looking for”.

Touché, ‘70s Dad. The Force was with you.

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