Every Dad Has His Day

We do a lot of thinking about Dads here at The Book of Everyone.

The three founders – Jonny, Jason, and Steve – are fathers themselves. Our teeny office boasts five more dads on top of that. I’m not a parent myself, but I have shining memories of my dad geeking out over my calculus homework with me, teaching me how to drive a stick shift in our silver Beetle (complete with bud vase), and baking his famous chicken pot pie.

The internet is replete with dad jokes, dad reflexes, dad comics, and stories of badass dads. But in real life, the relationship we have with our fathers is often complex. Dads are educators, storytellers, and comedians. They serve as role model and as caregiver. They lecture and they loan. They tell us off and they tuck us in.

Dads tend not to be in the parent spotlight as much as mothers, which means a ton of uncharted fatherly territory ripe for exploration. Curious bunch that we are, we’ve pulled off a good handful of dad-related projects. In addition to being a whole heap of fun, doing these projects serves as fascinating research into how people understand Dads.


Our projects all about Dads

At our core, we’re a company about the relationships you have with the important people in your lives. We’ve made a tool for you to make books to tell others how amazing you think they are, so we have to have a deep understanding of how people care about each other.

Here’s what we’ve done to get closer to the heart of the many ways people feel about fatherhood:

What I Never Told My Dad


What I Never Told My DadEveryone’s got something they’ve never shared with their father. We distributed gazillions of black and white postcards inviting people to share secrets, confessions, resentment, memories, and a ton of love for their dads. The heartfelt response is enormously varied; we hope you find it as beautiful as we do.

The Book of Dads

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The Book of DadsThe protagonists on the day of giving birth are Mom and Baby – and rightfully so. But what do men look like in the moment they first become a Dad? We sent photographer Dave Young to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to find out, plus interviewed a bunch of brand-spanking new Dads along the way.

Three Pregnant Dads


Three Pregnant Dads: What started out as a simple tête-à-tête to improve The Book of Mom gestated all at once into three sets of fully-blown pregnancy suits. Our three founders, all dads in their 40s, documented their one-month empathy belly challenge in a series of blogs and videos, culminating in a trip to a labor pain simulator. The takeaway: enormous respect for Moms everywhere.

The Book of Dadfd_fb_chris_01

To celebrate fathers everywhere, we’ve been putting our backs into filling The Book of Dad with shiny new artwork, clever words, and heaps of wonderful goodies. It’s ripe and ready for Father’s Day, which this year is June 19th.

The pages balance memories (“Dad, thanks for teaching me how to cut my fingernails”) and curiosities (your dad shares 50% of his DNA with a banana!), all specific to your dad. Really, it’s a culmination of everything we’ve learned about Dads, making it a really special gift that we’d be proud to give our own fathers.

The official day may come just once a year, but we don’t see why every day shouldn’t be Day of the Dad. Because great Dads deserve celebration.

Tell us a story about a super dad you know in the comments below, and we’ll swap it for one of our own.

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