Fascinating Facts You Didn’t know About August

If you’re stuck inside and have the air-con turned right up and the temperature right down, sit back and discover the secrets behind the name ‘August,’ events to look out for and an interesting incident that happened a little while back.

August also means that Leos and Virgos will have birthdays to look forward to. Find out what it means to be born in August here

Where did ‘August’ come from?

In a similar fashion to how July was named after Julius Caesar, in 8BC August was named after Augustus Caesar. Born Gaius Octavius, Augustus was adopted by Julius, as was written in his will in the event of his demise. In 44BC, Augustus was named as the heir to his adoptive father, becoming the first ever Emperor of the Roman Empire.

It didn’t take long for people to realise that he was the one who would take them forward in Julius’s footsteps, to improve arguably the most powerful army in human history.

And so, the Roman senate thought it would only be fair to let him have a month named after him too. Previously named ‘Sextillus,’ meaning the sixth month of the year, the month was renamed aptly, August after Augustus Caesar.

But the senate didn’t stop there. They noted that July, or Julius Caesar’s month, had 31 days. Therefore they honoured August with the same amount of days, making sure that there was no inferiorities between the two.

If it meant one more day of summer, I’m not complaining.

August Calling

We’re told stories from the very moment we’re born. Stories of the good, the bad, princes and princesses, kissing toads, hair as long as a castle wall and wolves dressing up as hairy geriatric women.

Many of these stories are inspired by real life events, but are often retold with a touch of hyperbole. One such story which you may have heard about, is the Great Train Robbery which occured in Britain in 1963. It is one that has been written into bandit folklore, being dubbed as ‘one of the crimes of the century.’

As dawn crept in slowly in the early hours of the 8th of August, Britain’s Great Train Robbery took place by an organised gang of 15 members. £2.6 million was subsequently stolen in Royal Mail postage sacks, which In today’s rates is the equivalent to more than a whopping £45 million.

The majority of the 15 members were caught and many sentenced to 30 years in prison. But the event is still shrouded in mystery as 4 of the members have never been caught AND the money has never been properly recovered.

Has grandad ever explained how he could afford that yacht off the coast of the Costa Brava…?

Upcoming Curious August Events

As always, August has its fair share of kooky and strange national days. If you’re a fan of farmed vegetables, booze or setting your friends up on dates, this month is going to be a good one.

Firstly, for all of the oily bearded, beanie wearing, plaid shirted hipsters out there. A day that honours a drink which, after it’s reemergence in 2013, has exploded into popularity. August 3rd is National IPA Day, so get down to your local converted public toilet bar and enjoy a chilled beverage out of a reused WD-40 can.

A couple of years back, a video went viral involving panic-stricken cats jumping almost out of their skin by a cucumber placed unsuspectingly behind them. The 8th of August gives you the chance to try a similar experiment on your pesky next door neighbour, as it’s ‘Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbour’s Porch Day.’ That’ll show em’.

Cast out the sour memories of the tiff you had with your long time lover over whether to have Chinese or Indian for dinner last night. The 25th of August is National Kiss and Make Up Day. Treat them. Order both. With sides. Heck, order pizza as well if you feel like it. With sides.

Finally, to the guys that like to give Cupid a run for his money. The 31st of August is National Matchmaker Day, so use your meddling for good and get your pals a date. You’ve seen them flirting. Go on, work your magic.

A month of romancing, hipsters, Roman emperors and fugitives!

How are you going to be spending this August?

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