How to celebrate someone amazing, amazingly

I’m not talking Albert Einstein, Beyonce or even Rick Astley kind of amazing. I’m talking truly amazing people. The kind of people that have put up with you and your silly ways for most of your life – amazing. The kind of people that really know you with all your foibles and still want to be your friend – amazing. The kind of people that will tell you when you have toilet roll hanging from your pants – amazing. The people who tell you when you are not being amazing – amazing.

People like your Mum, Dad, partner, brother, sister, friends, or (if you’re like me) bartender(s).

I’m not a particularly shy person but I do come over a tad bashful when I want to let someone know that I think they’re great. I’m British and a little bit emotionally repressed. But when someone means a lot, it’s worth climbing out of a ring-fenced comfort zone. It will mean the world to them.

How to tell them… without actually having to say it to their face.

If it’s hard to find the words and tell them how much you think the sun shines out of their big bahookies, tell someone else. Tell someone who loves to gossip. A big mouth. The message will soon get back to the person it’s intended for. The best thing about hearing good things being said behind your back is you believe them. Use gossip for the good!

Spending money isn’t always a sign that you think someone is awesome. When you spend your time on someone, that’s like a public declaration of “yep, I care for this person.” Send someone flowers to cheer them up, you are a good friend. But go round to their house with a fresh coffee, a cake and a big ‘ol hug, and you’re a great friend.

A little effort, a big win

Basically anything you do for them that requires a little effort is a big win, smothered in big win juice.

So what about getting them a suitable gift?

I believe people deserve a bit more than a few clicks on Amazon. It needn’t cost a fortune, it needn’t cost anything at all. I’m from Yorkshire, it’s wonderful when it costs nothing at all.

Write a card. Or better still have your kids (if you have kids) make them a homemade card. Take the time to write a meaningful message. One of my favourite gifts this year was a two page letter written by one of my dearest friends.

Find out their favourite treat and bring that to them. I love good quality dark chocolate and have a few bars hidden in secret places around the house, thanks to friends and great gifts.

Pizza, croissants, dark chocolate

Balloons, tie balloons on a door knob for them to find in the morning, or to their car door. If you’re feeling a bit stalky, tie them to their desk chair, especially if you don’t work in the same office.

Offer to bring the lucky person their favourite breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Food is important when showing you care. Food like pizza, croissants or dark chocolate. Yes! Winner winner.

Of course it’s worth celebrating someone special. Show them you care by spending a little of your precious time creating something unique and heartfelt. Here’s your paradoxical statement for the day – It’s easy, all you have to do is stay away from the easy option.

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