How to find gifts for her?

At a recent Sunday brunch, my friends and I started discussing how finding the right gift for somebody can be quite a challenge. The conversation got even more intense when the party of 8 -4 men and 4 women- started debating why getting a gift for the different women in our lives can be a bit of an overwhelming task. 

When you give somebody a present, it is because you care for them and you want them to feel special with that memorable gift. Sometimes, generic gifts for her, such as jewellery, a scarf or flowers might do the trick, but it’s quite evident not much thought was put into it and on top of that, they might not even like it. Let’s be honest, we have all been victims of receiving a bad gift. But it is not nearly as awkward and depressing as actually being the one who gave that crappy present. Admit it, we’ve all been there…

One would think that the 4 girls, cutting their way through pancakes and eggs benedict, would have said it is easier to get other girls a gift, but no. One of my male friends admitted that women tend to be more picky about what they want, but I wouldn’t call us picky, I would call us more detail oriented. It is true though, we are a bit more critical in that way. 

Then, we were as equally puzzled as the boys when we thought about a gift that would actually make us 100% confident that the recipient would love. Not because we don’t know what other women want, but because we are indeed more detail oriented and perceptive to what our gals would like, thus we won’t stop until we feel very pleased with what we’ll be giving. 

After a few more mimosas, we established that the key to actually finding the ideal gift for her relies on 3 key steps. 

how to find gifts for her now the her determine the level of acquaintance you have with them

1. Know the “her”:

Determine the level of acquaintance you have with them. Is “her” your mum? Your wife? Your girlfriend? Your best friend? Your boss? Pointing out the main facts and personality traits you know about that person will help you narrow the options and lead you to pick something they will actually like.

how to find gifts for her identify the occasion certain gifts are more suitable for certain ocassions

2. Identify the occasion:

Certain gifts are more suitable for certain ocassions. Here’s why.

Gifts for her birthday: These are more personal, something she really wants or that shows how well you know her. Especially if it is a milestone, gifts for her 30th birthday or the 50th or 60th should be something she will remember for many years to come. 

Gifts for her Christmas

Let’s admit it, who hasn’t clicked on the first holiday gift guide we see to figure out if it gives us the answers for all the people on our list. But Christmas gifts are not only what is trendy that year, but are also meant to be heartwarming, cozy and something you won’t be embarrassed to unwrap in front of your whole family.

Gifts for her Valentine’s Day:

Definitely this one is meant to be something romantic and flirty. A keepsake that emphasizes the bond both of you have. She is your Valentine, so offer her a gift that reminds her how much you love her, not only on this day but every day of the year.  

Be sure to get her great gifts for her Valentine’s. She’ll expect nothing less.

Gifts for her anniversary:

The materials behind these gifts reflect the strengthening of the relationship as the years go on; starting with cotton in year 1 (or paper in the US) and increasing as does your investment in each other until you reach gold after 50 years of wedded life together. They are a beautiful way to remember the happiest days of your lives so you better create an anniversary gift like no other

how to find gifts for her add a personal touch to it personalisation can go a long way

3. Add a personal touch to it:

Personalisation can go a long way. We are all suckers for original personalised gifts. Even if it is adding a little touch to it or a handwritten note, do it. It will let her know that you added that extra effort. Knowing that we have something that nobody else does makes us feel unique.

Is it a science? No, but it’s definitely a task in which you need to invest time and effort to find the right fit for that special someone. But when you understand the key steps we established during our “brunch epiphany”, on how to get an ideal gift for the women in your life, it will be way easier. 

Who would’ve said that bottomless mimosas do more than brighten up your Sunday. Cheers! 

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