How well do you know these famous dads?

With Father’s Day on the 16th of June, we decided to take a look into some  famous dads we think deserve recognition, fictional and non-fictional. From beloved cartoon characters to famous sports stars. Have a swing and see how many you can get right.

Which clumsy Disney canine dad had a son called Maximilian?

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The clumsy lovable pooch that has been around for nearly a century has been a big part of most of our lives. It was of course Goofy that had a little pup son called Maximilian. Did you know that the original name for Goofy was supposed to be 'Dippy Dog?'

Which famous comedian dad voiced Marty the zebra in the film series Madagascar?

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The iconic voice was of course Chris Rock. How could anybody confuse that squeaky but energetic way of speaking?

Which famous dad is behind the creation of the online superstore Amazon?

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Jeff Bezos is of course the founder of Amazon. Originally, it was invented as a way to easily sell books online, but Bezos set his sights high and reached for the stars. Now Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, worth an astounding $160,000,000,000.

Which ex-rockstar dad starred in a TV show with his wife Sharon and two children, Jack and Kelly?

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It was of course the ex-Black Sabbath man Ozzy Osbourne who starred in the reality show 'The Osbournes.' A camera crew followed the family around, creating a great mix of different humours and mannerisms. "Shaaaaarrroon!"

Which famous swiss dad has won 20 grand slam singles in tennis?

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Roger Federer has won over 1,202 tennis matches over his career, starting in 1998. He is second in the world for winning open matches since the Open Era began in 1968. Did you know that 'love' in tennis actually derives from the word 'egg' in French 'L'oeuf' because the shape of the egg looks a bit like a zero?

Which famous dad was the main character in the series where a troublesome teen goes to live with his auntie and uncle in Bel Air?

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In West Philadelphia born and raised.... Will Smith was the big star of the show in this sitcom based in Bel Air, Los Angeles. The show had a grand total of 142 episodes spanning over a 6 year period. Did you know that in the beginning of the opening credits, the taxi driver that picks Will up is actually Quincy Jones, the legendary producer behind Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video and of the show?

Which famous dad wrote the songs Blowin' in the Wind, The Times They Are A-Changin and Mr. Tambourine Man?

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Bob Dylan has written countless iconic songs which are known around the world and have been covered umpteen times. Did you know that one of Dylan's (also known as Robert Zimmerman) biggest influences was Charlie Chaplin and that his album 'Modern Times' is actually a nod towards the comedian?

How well do you know these famous dads?
Oh dear, pappa definitely was a rolling stone. As are you. Get to the library.

Dad definitely isn't the word. You need to brush up on your facts.

Woah, pretty impressive. You really know your dads. Nearly a full house!

Unbeliev-dad-le! Nice work on getting all of them all right. Boom - you da daddy, or da mummy....

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