How well do you know these influential moms?

With International Women’s Month and Mother’s Day coming up, we’ve been looking into impressive things pregnant women have done and now we’ve got a quiz all about some pretty influential mothers.

Take a punt and find out how many you know…

Which famous actress named her daughter after a fruit?

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Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter after the common fruit, Apple. Controversial at first, but it seems Gwen knew something we didn't. After a couple of years, Apple shrunk, her skin turned dark red and gained a shiny complexion and she grew a stalk. The name seemed to make sense after that.

Which mom helped save over 2,500 Jewish children from concentration camps during WW2?

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Irena Sendler is a must know name. She helped smuggle almost 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust, saving their lives. She gave all of the children false documents and established new identities for them, placing them in convents, orphanges and Christian homes. Although she was caught, she never gave any information about the whereabouts of the children. A mother of three kids herself, Sendler received Poland’s Order of the White Eagle award in 2003. Astonishing stuff.

Which mom of a famous billionaire encouraged her son to focus on philanthropy, leading him to create a foundation helping to fight malaria, HIV and polio?

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The mother of Bill Gates, Mary Maxwell Gates (1929—1994) helped convince the leaders at I.B.M to hire her son's company, Microsoft, to create an operating system for them. This helped them achieve unbounded success. But, more importantly, Gates always enouraged her son to focus on philanthropy and helping people across the world. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which as of today has given billions in the fight against HIV, polio, poor living conditions and sanitation and also education. Incredible.

Which famous popstar mom had hits such as Hollaback Girl, Don't Speak and What You Waiting For?

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Gwen Stefani has won 3 Grammy Awards and has been nominated for a further 19, both as a solo artist and as a member of the band No Doubt. While winning an array of awards and creating head-bobbing pop songs, she has also had 3 kids. Pretty impressive stuff from Gwen, after all, she ain't no Hollaback Girl.

Who is the mother of Carrie Fisher, who appeared in the hit 1952 film "Singing In The Rain?"

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Carrie Fisher has known a lot of success in her lifetime, but it is safe to say that it definitely runs in the family. Fisher's mother is Debbie Reynolds, star of "Singing in the Rain (1952)." She achieved critical acclaim with her acting as well as in the music sphere, gaining top spot in the Billboards Charts in 1959 for her song 'Tammy' which she performed in the film "Tammy and the Bachelor (1957)."

Which mom wrote a series of 7 fantasy novels which are now known worldwide?

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J. K. Rowling wasn't always the successful writer we all know and love. The great mind who created the little wizard we all know as Harry Potter worked quite literally from the bottom to the top. She was rejected 10 times by different publishers but never gave up. Her book was eventually published by Bloomsbury and was an instant hit. Rowling, a notable philanthropist, went on to help many charities by aiding them with vital donations, including Comic Relief and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain, as well as being the president of Gingerbread, an association helping single parent families and equal opportunities. Absolutely magical.

Which famous mom won an oscar for her role in the 1969 film "Cactus Flower"?

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Goldie Jeanne Hawn first broke onto our screens in the TV sitcom, "Good morning world." In 1969, she was awarded an Oscar for best actress for her performance in the comedy "Cactus Flower" directed by Gene Saks. She gave birth to her daughter Kate Hudson in 1979, who would go on to star in various different films such as Almost Famous, The Skeleton Key and even Kung Fu Panda 3. Hi-YA!

How many of these influential moms do you know?

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    you. But Germans have loved being naked for far longer than 100 years.

    Nudity in the publicbaths of medieval Baden even survived the BlackDeath, which had closed most in Europe.

    See this history in How Sex Got Screwed Up.

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