How well do you know your saints?

Saint George’s Day is here. The PG legend of a hero slaying a dragon and in the process winning the hand of a beautiful princess has been recounted over and over again. But Saint George is the patron saint of England, but what other saints exist around the world? Why do we associate some vegetables with saints and why exactly do they deserve the status they have?

Have a shot at our new quiz all about saints, but be careful you don’t lose your head.

In Catalonia, what gifts are given for Saint Jordi on April 23rd?

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Saint Jordi, also known as Saint George, is celebrated across the world in the England and many other countries. However, in Catalonia they have a tradition where if you are in a relationship or have a crush on somebody, you will offer them one of two things: either a rose, or a book. Traditionally, it was the ladies that received a rose and the men who receive a book, but it is up to the giver's own discretion which one they choose.

What creature is Saint George said to have killed?

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The most famous story of Saint George is that of him slaying a dragon. The legend says that he pierced the dragon underneath its wing with his sword causing the dragon to collapse and die and in the process rescued the King of Libya's daughter. He was offered the princess's hand in marriage and they supposedly lived happily ever after.

What vegetable did Saint David supposedly ask Welsh fighters to wear on their helmets?

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During a Saxon invasion in Wales, Saint David recommended that the Welsh fighters wore a leek on their helmets to distinguish friend from foe as the invaders were dressed very similarly. Although the soldiers were a little dubious about his order, they did what they were told. And it worked. The Welsh managed to protect themselves and win the battle and the leek became the national flower of Wales. Welsh people all over the world proudly wear the stalk, flower or a bit of leaf from a leek plant on March 1st.

What was Saint Patrick's name before it was changed?

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Funnily enough, St. Patrick wasn't actually Irish. He was born in Britain, but was captured by Irish raiders in the 4th century. The raiders took him back to Ireland and held him hostage for 6 years. However, he managed to escape and went back to England where he undertook religious training, later returning to Ireland as a missionary. St Patrick was born Maewyn Succat but changed his name to Patricius, or Patrick, which derives from the Latin term for "father figure," when he became a priest.

Who was the patron saint of fish, who was also reportedly just 15 inches tall?

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St. Neot, a Glastonbury, England monk who died in 877, is the patron saint of fish. He was also reportedly only 15 inches tall and spent his days in a well, with water up to his neck, practicing his devotions.

Who is the patron saint of authors, stained glass workers and the blind?

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Saint Lucy, or Lucia, is the patron saint of authors, stained glass workers and also the blind. Many different traditions incorporate the meaning of St. Lucy as the bearer of light in the obscurity of winter. Some stories even claim that her eyes were removed which is why she is considered the patron saint of the blind. As well as being the patron saint of the blind, stained glass workers and authors, she is also considered the patron saint of cutlers, laborers, martyrs, peasants, Perugia, Italy; saddlers and salesmen. What a lady.

What is Mary Magdelene the patron saint of?

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Mary Magdalene is considered to be a saint by the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches—with a day dedicated to her on the 22nd July. Speculations that Mary Magdalene was Jesus's wife or that she had a sexual relationship with him are regarded by most historians as highly dubious. It is said in many history books that St. Mary Magdalene is that patron saint of women, people who are persecuted for their piety, people who are penitent about their sins, people who struggle with sexual temptation, apothecaries, glove makers, hairdressers, perfume makers, pharmacists, reformed prostitutes, tanners, and various places and churches worldwide.

How well do you know your saints?
Oh dear me....

Despicable. Saint George was slaying dragons and this is how you repay him?
Not bad, but not good. You were obviously no saint when it comes to studying.

Nearly there. Use some of Saint David's ingenuity to help you over the line.

Wow. You have now gained saint status - well done!

Amazing. If anybody needed another reason to call you a saint, they've got one now. Congratulations on getting all 7 correct!

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