Happy International Children’s Book Day!

“Stories are wings that help you soar every day.” – Richard Van Camp

This is the chosen theme of this year’s International Children’s Book Day. Yep, that’s a thing and it is celebrated on the 2nd of April, spearheaded by the IBBY. I bet you’re wondering what that is. Well, it stands for the International Board on Books for Young People. They are committed to bringing books and children together as a non-profit organisation. 

This day is all about facilitating children’s love for reading and encouraging them to do it more often. Why the 2nd of April, you may ask? Well, it happens to be the birthday of one of the best and most popular children’s books writer in the world, Hans Christian Andersen. You might know him for his story books like “The Ugly Duckling”, “The princess and the pea” or “The Little Mermaid”. Yes, before she was a Disney princess, she was the main character of a Danish fairy tale. We learn something new every day.

The theme of 2022 International Children's Book Day illustrated in a personalized book for kids.

The worldwide celebration has been held since 1967 and aims to promote literacy and inspire reading to and with young children. The benefits of reading to children and encouraging them to read are endless. However, cognitive development, empathy, greater concentration, and extensive vocabulary make it to the top of that list, along with creativity and imagination.

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