Introducing Dads Through The Decades

Everyone has memories that take them right back to their youth. All of a sudden you can see yourself in your favourite outfit, dancing to the hits of the day, TV in the background playing your favourite show.

And somewhere in those memories there’s a picture of your dad.

Maybe he was a ‘00s dad baffled by ‘ROFL’, an ‘80s dad reading ceefax, or a ‘60s dad winning the World Cup?

Perhaps he was a ‘90s dad singing ‘Wonderwall’, a ‘70s dad playing Pong, or a ‘50s dad being Silver to your Lone Ranger?

Did he sit with you when Neil Armstrong took “one small step” or did he explain what it meant when the Berlin Wall came down?

Was he in a shell suit or flares? Did he have a ‘fro or a headful of flowing hippie locks? Did he queue for hours to get you a Tamagotchi, or was a Space Hopper top of your Christmas list?

Did he fix your radical Razor scooter or keep your Chopper cruising? Could he do the perfect Mrs Doubtfire “Hello dear!” or sing every song in Bedknobs and Broomsticks?

Was he the guardian of the video recorder or the controller of the dial-up modem? Did he tell you he had mastered The Force or that he could totally ‘Do The Bartman’?

All dads might be products of their decade, but no two dads are alike.

So we thought: why not start a project collecting as many stories of dads through the decades as possible. And that’s where we need your help.

We want to hear all about your memories of your dad. Tell us what made him a man of his time. We want to hear about the things that make you think of him as he was when you were growing up.

It could be an item of clothing he wore or a scene in a film you saw together. It could be the chorus of a song you loved (and he hated) or a moment in history you witnessed together. It could be the gadgets he used or the games you played. It’s totally up to you.

If you’re struggling for inspiration then never fear! Throughout the project we’ve been putting questions on our Facebook to help guide your stroll down memory lane.

We’re really hoping to start some cool conversations between people about the decade they grew up in and what their dad was like.

Find your decade and tell us all about your dad here:

Get involved and you might find out that the Miami Vice outfit your dad rocked in the ‘80s wasn’t quite as one-of-a-kind as he thought. Maybe someone else will remind you of a toy or song or tv show that you’d completely forgotten. Who knows!

Our plan is to take all of the stories we get about the dads out there, mix them altogether in our super high tech design lab and put together a collection of illustrated portraits of dads through the decades.

Of course, there is no way we could do justice to them all individually with this project but we’re really excited to hear your stories and to capture a little piece of each in the finished article.

It’ll be fun to find out just what makes you think of your dad and to meet each of the dads through the decades.

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