Let’s Celebrate the Written Word (Your Written Word)

This Friday, the 2nd of April, is International Children’s Book Day.

This worldwide event centres on getting kids reading and, more generally, championing the written word: something we’re understandably very keen on here at the Book of Everyone!  

Books have always played an important role in my family dynamics.

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They get me reading things I might not otherwise and introduce to me a whole new literary perspective.    

In turn, I’ve gifted a book to my niece on each of her first three birthdays. Most recently it was a colourful picture book containing Spanish translations of farmyard animals.

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This is the perfect example of the power of books. We live in different countries and can’t see each other at the moment, but this book has helped nourish an important bond between us. 

This idea of connections is precisely the reason we created Wise(ish) Words for Kids.

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When making the book, you can choose one of the sincere (or tongue-in-cheek) quotes on each page. Or, if you’re feeling up to it you can write your own words of wisdom on every single page. Include photos to make it even more personal and ensure each and every book is utterly unique.  

It’s also available in three magnificent designs; graphic (for the youngsters), graffiti, and collage (suitable for all ages).   

Wise Words is all about passing on your wisdom without condescension or admonishment. It’s a fun way to impart your family values via a great keepsake that they can return to whenever they need to.  

While the spoken word can sometimes go in one ear and out the other (something not exclusive to children), the permanence of the written word means there’s a much greater chance some of that sage (and not so sage) advice will stick.    

Of course, if International Children’s Book Day is about anything, it’s about getting kids to read. So whatever you do, why not try and dig out your favourite childhood book this weekend and share it with them. What better to connect than that?

To celebrate International Children’s Book Day, we’re offering you a 15% discount on our Wise(ish) Words for Kids book through until Easter Monday, the 5th of April. Just use the code KIDS15 at checkout. 

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