Let’s talk about April birthdays

Amazing April has arrived and, if you’re in the UK, it almost certainly means that rainy days have too. It’s probably not wise to leave the house without a coat and a brolly yet but April’s the month for enjoying the start of spring.

For some people April also means enjoying chocolate. Loads and loads of chocolate. We hope you’ve been enjoying it!

Last month we explored birthdays in March. Let’s take a look at April.

What kind of people are born in April?

April babies are creatures of contrast. They get the fanciest birthstone of all: diamonds. La-di-dah! In the ancient world, people believed that diamonds were slivers of lightning made solid after hitting the ground. It’s no surprise, then, that Aprilists tend to be bright sparks.

But, at the same time as having the bling-iest stone of all, one of their associated birth flowers is the humble daisy. Like I said: creatures of contrast. The daisy is said to convey innocence, love, youth, and purity.

Purity and lightning seem like a good fit for Aprillos, who are either stubborn-old-ram Aries or hard-working, heavy-lifting bulls of Taurus. And you don’t have to meet many Aprilians to know just how solidly determined they can be. These guys do not like to call it quits. So whatever you do, don’t agree to any sort of endurance challenge with your April pals, unless you are truly ready to go to the end. They aren’t the sort to let little things like driving rain, a hobbling injury, or the fact that you all got lost and it’s now midnight stop them.

They can be light hearted though, as this final Aprian fact reveals. At the 2011 Laugh-A-Minute world cup event in Malmo, April-born Reginald “The Chuckle King” Spalding managed to exhibit a record breaking 47 different types of laugh in 60 seconds. Wowzers!

Which famous people were born in April? 

The children of April are a dramatic bunch judging by the number of famous acting types born in the year’s fourth month. From one of the queens of golden era Hollywood, Doris Day, to one of the most acclaimed actors in history, Daniel Day-Lewis, the Aprilese can put on quite a show.

They’re a dab hand when it comes to crafting some wonderful words too. Legendary writer, poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou and The Bard himself, William Shakespeare, were both born in April. 

What’s it like to celebrate your birthday in April?

April showers will never rain on the parade of an Aprilvian birthday bash. No chance! They might be happy to slog through an assault course for the heck of it most of the time, but they are also smart enough to know that’s not how to have a party.

They’ll embrace the season by finding the cosiest corner in the most welcoming pub: right next to a roaring fire and within easy reach of the biggest pile of board games you’ve ever seen. Like April’s very own King Arthur, they’ll gather all of their nearest and dearest around one huge table, and then let a heartiest feast this side of a cookery show commence.

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