Let’s talk about February birthdays

Welcome to fabulous February! It’s a month that always keeps you on your toes. Nearly every four years is a leap year. And with every leap year comes an extra day in February. People born on leap days are called “leaplings” and are always welcome in the Texas town of Anthony, the self-proclaimed “leap year capital of the world”.

Of course it’s impossible to think of February and not have your heart flutter a little. After all, it’s the month that plays host to what some consider the most romantic day on the calendar – Valentine’s Day. Love is all around on February 14th!

We’ve already explored JuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovember, December, and January birthdays. Let’s take a look at February.

What kind of people are born in February? 

The birthstone for February’s children is amethyst. This usually purple gemstone was believed by people in ancient Greece and Rome to protect the wearer from getting drunk. So use caution there if you are celebrating the end of Dry January. 

And speaking of liquids, you might have noticed that Februanders tend to be water babies. It must be something to do with their birth month’s star signs. Depending on when they were born in the month, they are either a water-bearing aquarian or a free-swimming piscean. If you want to see them in their element, then take your February friends to the sea or a water park and watch them go!

Famous for their flair on the dance floor, Febrians have more moves than an arcade game and better coordination than 100 compasses taped together. In fact, the 1989 world champion dancers in breakdancing, modern jazz, ballet, calypso, freeform waltz, and traditional belly dancing were all fleet-footed February children.

It’s this same sort of combination of romance and creativity that leads many Febists to master the arts and crafts. Expect them to have the best decorated Christmas trees, knit the most warming wooly scarves, and create the most enchanting Easter egg hunts you’ve ever seen.

And, of course, no one pens a Valentine’s Day poem quite like a Febber.

Which famous people were born in February? 

For the shortest month of the year February punches well above its weight when it comes to giving the world high achievers. We’re talking Apple tech guru Steve Jobs, footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, and mega famous film star Elizabeth Taylor. 

Look back a little further and you’ll find that Febrovers have been shaking things up all through history. Evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, widely regarded as the finest President in American history, were both born in the second month of the year. 

What’s it like to celebrate your birthday in February? 

Be still my beating heart! There’s more to February than Valentine’s Day and those born in that month sure know how to throw a party.

Expect to find yourself dancing to the host’s most treasured songs, belting out the words. And if there’s music, then you can guarantee that they’ll be using those fantastic fabled dancing skills to throw some shapes.

Generous to a fault, your February friends will inevitably put their creative skills to use just after the shindig. Within a week of the party, you’ll hear your letter box rattle… as a handmade, personalised thank-you card drops onto your doormat. We’re talking fancy, with one-of-a-kind illustrations on the front and a note inside written in the finest calligraphic handwriting.

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