Let’s talk about May birthdays

After April’s traditional showers, you can sigh with relief now that May’s arrived. Whether that means the weather will calm down is anyone’s guess but at least officially speaking spring is well and truly under way.

If you were born in May then there are far more exciting things to be concerned with than whether to wear a winter coat or shorts, like celebrating your birthday!

Last month we explored birthdays in April. Let’s take a look at May.

What kind of people are born in May?

Oh marvellous May! You’re either a bullish Taurus or a twinsy Gemini. Which means that either you’re a big fan of throwing “the horns” aloft at rock shows, or you love using the phrase, “I’m in two minds about it.” Either way, you’d rather kick out the jams than sit around trying to make decisions.

May birthstones are emerald, agate, and chrysoprase. That last one isn’t so well known as the other two, but it’s quite stunning, a great alternative gemstone choice for showing off your May-ness if you’re a wee bit hipster.

Once upon a time, May was considered a bad luck month to get married. There’s even a nursery rhyme that reads, “Marry in May, rue the day.” It dates back to the Romans, who held their festival for the dead in May – but we don’t buy into such poppycock any more, do we? Marry away, Maychild (but consider spacing your birthday out from your anniversary. That way you’re due double presents).

No United States president has ever died in May. You, Maybellian, are a lucky charm. At least as far as the POTUS is concerned.

May-nards tend to have an especially developed sense of smell. Must have something do with all that pollen in the air. It makes you particularly well-suited for jobs like Aromachologist (a person who studies the effects of fragrance) or cookie-baker (think of the benefits!). And particularly ill-suited for life as an emergency plumber.

Which famous people were born in May?

Those born in May are a good looking bunch. Sharing their birth month with George Clooney, Christina Hendricks and David Beckham. And as well as making hearts skip a beat Mayfolk are also known for being kind and caring. May baby Florence Nightingale was such a caring soul in fact that she’s now widely regarded as the founder of modern nursing.

And when it comes to making a musical contribution May can proudly point to Bing Crosby and Adele. Now that’s a duet of voices I could listen to all day. 

What’s it like to celebrate your birthday in May?

May has been scientifically proven one of the top months to have a birthday. It’s that point in the year where the gray chill has (in theory…) well and truly been banished to the recesses of our memories, yet the majority of the year still lays ripe and ready before us. Everything feels possible in May.

As such: May birthdays are marvellous affairs. If you’re lucky enough to be a Mayberry, you can propose the wildest of plots to your friends and get them all to sign up with glee. Dreaming of a fancy dress get-together? What about a skydiving party? Perhaps a quick jaunt to Monaco? Everyone will be up for it in May.

Now, May is famously replete with showers, so outdoors events may be rather spoiled by inclement weather. But Maychildren tend to be swift on-their-feet thinkers. Although they won’t usually have a Plan B in their pocket, they’re able to improvise an even-better alternative on the spot.

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