Let’s talk about November birthdays

Nippy November is a golden phizzwizard of a birthday month.

November birthdays sneak in just when everyone’s gearing up for the winter holidays – but no one’s yet suffering eggnog burnout. The chill in the air still feels novel, and everyone’s showing off their snazziest scarves.

So November babies have it good. Real good. I’m a bit jealous.

What does it mean to be born in November? Are Novembraians more likely to have great taste in boots? Can you tell them apart from the way they grin in the gusts of wind?

Time to nudge into November.

What kind of people are born in November?

A child of November is either a snappy Scorpio or a straight-shooting Sagittarius. Those are two cool options. And they’re spoilt for choice when it comes to their birthstone. Will it be topaz or citrin? Both are considered to be sunny gemstones to warm up one of the year’s chillier months.

Their birth flower is the vibrant chrysanthemum. A petal placed in the bottom of a glass of wine is thought to enhance longevity. I’m not sure what it does for the flavour, though, so maybe let the November blossom on your life taste theirs first.

Novemberkinder are made of all the good stuff. They make for loyal, always-by-your-side type friends. If you become pals with a Novemberella, you’ve got yourself a buddy for life. The kind you can rely on for good conversation during a long walk in warm coats. They are also scientifically proven to make the most delicious hot chocolate when you get back home, too.

They know how to throw a rip roaringly fun party. UK Novemberistas can put on quite the show if you let them take charge of the bonfire night fireworks. And their US counterparts are dab hands at Thanksgiving turkey carving.

Oh – and studies show that they are statistically more likely than people born in the other months of the year to be able to hit a hole-in-one when playing golf. It must be the archer-like aim of all those Sagittarians.

Which famous people were born in November?

Plenty of beloved big-screen folks are November children. Think Leonardo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway, and Jodie Foster. Who doesn’t love Jodie Foster?

November gave us Prince Charles, for which we must say thank-you-very-much.

Could Neil Young’s November birthday have inspired “Harvest Moon”? It very well could have.

November has bequeathed many fantastic historical figures to the world as well. Marie Curie might have been inspired to discover radiation while celebrating her November birthday.  Winston Churchill made some of his very best quips in his birthday month.

Martin Luther, Mark Twain, and Marie Antoinette have more in common than the starting letter “M” – they also share a birthday month. And it’s November.

What’s it like to celebrate your birthday in November?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of great things about November – but the weather isn’t always one of them.

Never ones to let a little cold and rain dampen their spirits, though, Novemberlings are more likely to embrace the elements, get out there, and get involved! As kids, they’ll be found celebrating by donning their finest padded coat and gloves and then diving headfirst into the biggest pile of leaves they can find. Over and over, all day long.

And when they get a little older, they keep their youthful spirit but swap diving into leaves for building a bonfire, gathering their friends, and toasting marshmallows whilst supping on the first mulled wines of the year. Mmm… tasty!

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