Let’s talk about October birthdays

Spooky-ooky October! What a great month to have a birthday.

It’s the time of year when the temperatures have truly dropped at last, and everyone’s winter things are still fresh from the closet. Deciduous trees are in full rainbow splendor, too. October pea coats have everyone and their mother looking sharp.

Plus, we’re striding headlong into the holiday season. Don’t tell me you can’t taste the tinsel in the air! Anticipation is half of joy, and it all starts right here in October.

What does it mean to be born in October? Are October babies particularly good at dressing up for Halloween? Are they especially prone to diving into leaf piles?

I’ve already carefully examined the intricacies of JuneJulyAugust, and September birthdays. Let’s crunch into October.

What kind of people are born in October?

October babies are mostly Libras, with a small handful of Scorpios as well (but if you’re into all that jazz, you won’t need to read more of the same here). The October birthday flower is the marigold, which makes sense as they are positively reminiscent of pumpkins.

The ol’ Anglo-Saxons used to call October “Winterfylleth,” because they marked the start of winter at the full moon of this month. As such, October babies tend to be hardy, optimistic sorts. They see the winter laid out in front of them and smile, ready to prance their way through the chill.

The natural warmth of those with an October birthday is contagious, and they’re often the most popular ones in their social groups of choice. They’re also above-average snugglers and may have nicknames like “The Human Slanket.”

The October-born are more into sports than the average bear, both watching and participating. Football, basketball, hockey, and baseball are all favourites, but October babies don’t neglect sporting of any type. October children will jump at the chance for a good round of snail racing, Fierljeppen, or even extreme ironing.

And finally, those with an October birthday do love a drink. The Oktoberfest thing? Totally not a coincidence. They can get a little too easy to influence to mischief after their fourth pint, though.

What famous people were born in October?

Both Carrie Fisher and Kim Kardashian were born on October 21st. Coincidence? Absolutely.

Plenty of beloved musicians come from October. John Lennon, Drake, Snoop Dogg. Gwen Stefani is an October baby. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Pablo Picasso began his career as Pablo Picasso on October 25th, 1881. Oscar Wilde made his debut on to the world’s stage on October 16th, 1954. Nietzsche is another child of October – on the 15th, to be precise – and we all know how warm and cuddly he was.

October also gave us Jean-Claude Van Damme. I mean, what more can you really ask for?

What it’s like to celebrate your birthday in October

Energy levels are high in October. Everyone’s getting geared up for the holidays, but no one’s been bogged down with too many rounds of champagne and cake just yet.

As such, October birthdays are jovial, festive affairs. As October babies tend to be extroverts, their social circles can span far and wide – and their parties can be quite epic. They’re often the sort of events where you just hope everyone has the good sense not to post anything on Facebook afterwards.

And if you’ve got the good fortune of a birthday near the end of the month, it’s quite convenient to merge the celebration with Halloween. Which means costumes. And costumes are scientifically proven to make any party about a thousand times better.

Just don’t get so tipsy on hard cider that you go smashing the neighbors’ pumpkins, okay?


  1. I’m new to your society and I just happen to be celebrating my birthday this month so thank you for all the info about who I am, some of this stuff I didn’t know but I am now extremely proud for some reason.
    I would like to get these oft-spoken newsletters> can anyone hook me up?

    • Happy October birthday to you, Jacquie! Here’s hoping it’s full of stomping through the crunchiest of leaves.

      And of course you can get in on the monthly newsletter 🙂 Just scroll down to the very bottom of this page to find a box where you can enter your email and get on the list. See you in your inbox!

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