Making our mums proud

There are loads of really good reasons to enjoy your job. For those of us in the team at The Book Of Everyone the thing that we love most about our jobs is knowing that at the end of everything we do there’s a moment between people who care about each other.

A moment when someone opens a gift and finds a personalised book that celebrates them on every page. A moment when smiles start to spread, laughter starts to ring out, and big happy tears start to well up in eyes. It’s the sort of thing we love and that make our mums proud.

Hearing all about happy mums

Making sure that our personalised books keep on getting even better at inspiring these moments is what makes us tick. And the best way to do that is to speak to real people who made a book for someone they love.  

So with Mother’s Day just around the corner in the UK, we’ve been hard at work on the special Mother’s Day edition of our book. We’ve been talking to people who’ve made one of our books for the magnificent mums in their life.

We’ve spoken to Debbie in Sheffield who made a book for her grandson to give to his mum for Mother’s Day a few years ago. Debbie confessed that she’s “useless at technology” but said she actually had great fun using the book builder, and found it simple to add in photos and messages from her grandson.

And Debbie’s masterpiece went down a treat! Her grandson’s mum absolutely LOVED having her very own book, all about her. You know what they say, the only person better than your mum is your grandmother.

Over the moon!

We’ve spoken to Trisha in Edinburgh who told us that the whole family were bowled over by the book she made for her 88 year old mum. It was so well received that the family still enjoy reading it out to Trisha’s mum a year on. Trisha told us that she made an effort to pack the pages with memories that help to remind her mum of holiday. And every time they read it the good times come rushing back.

And we’ve also heard from Elizabeth in Cornwall. Elizabeth simply said that she’d, “never seen anything like it” and that she was “over the moon!”

And that’s exactly what we’re going for again this Mother’s Day: helping people make an out of this world book to give their marvellous mum a magical moment!

Create a book here.

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