What’s your mum’s greatest superpower?

Mums are amazing. They come out of the maternity ward having given birth not only to a child but a complete set of mum superpowers. We thought it fitting to compile the definitive list this Mother’s Day. Here they are, enjoy.

1. Magical healing powers

Doctor, therapist, medicine woman and shaman in one…
Mum's greatest superpower: Magical healing powers

2. The whisper yell

She knows how to shout loudly and quietly…mum's greatest superpower:the whisper yell

3. Lie detector

From the moment small child open its mouth she knows what’s cooking…

4. Stealth mode

The world shakes when she stamps her feet but in stealth mode…Mum's Greatest Superpower: stealth mode

5. Master of multitasking

Whilst normal humans can’t even park the car with the radio on…

6. The death stare

Mum at her scariest, used with discretion…Mum's Greatest Superpower:The death stare

7. Supersonic sight & hearing

Her senses are calibrated to a whole nother level…Mum's Greatest Superpower: supersonic sight & sound

8. Superhuman strength

The strength of  an ox is summoned when required… Mum's Greatest Superpower:Superhuman strength

9. Lightning reflexes

To mum, as instinctive as breathing…Mum's Greatest Superpower:lightning reflexes

10. Finder of lost things

Few things escape mum’s radar…Mum's Greatest Superpower: finder of lost things

11. Pain Immunity

When it comes to pain a mother knows how to endure…Mum's Greatest Superpower: Pain immunity

12. Deafness to whining

Supersonic hearing one minute, selective the next…Mum's Greatest Superpower: deafness to whining

13. Trouble Intuition

If there ever was a mum’s 6th sense this is it…Mum's Greatest Superpower: trouble intuition

14. Sleepless invincibility

Taken to a true artform… Mum's Greatest Superpower: sleepless invincibility

15. Being right

We saved this one for last…

Mum's Greatest Superpower:being right

We’d love to hear from you if you think we’ve missed any out, or if you have any stories of your mum mastering any of these superpowers.

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