#mumstories: The Illustrated Collection

Mother’s Day is just around the corner in the UK. This Sunday, millions will be celebrating their Mums with flowers, breakfast in bed, and the all-important phone call. And just about 6000 Mums will be reading books with their names on the covers.

But really, Mums should be celebrated all year round. And not just for the sweeping, swiping, cooking, consoling, encouraging, and general loving-the-dickens-out-of-us that they do each and every day.

Every Mum has her own story.

That’s why we’ve been collecting your “#mumstories” all month long.

It all started by asking a few people around the office to tell a story about their mum. Literal tears were shed, and more than one mum was phoned. We put up a simple post on Facebook asking the same question, then we invited everyone on our newsletter list to play along.

The stories poured in by the dozens, over 500 by last count.

And people weren’t just sharing their own stories. They were reading everyone else’s, laughing, crying, and even commiserating. Mums (and Dads and siblings) were tagged.

We put the talent of our designer Martino Pannofino to the task of illustrating as many #mumstories as he could during March. Below is the whole beautiful collection of 30 original illustrations, all about wonderful Mums.

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