#mumstories, Round II: More Stories of Your Mum, Illustrated

Welcome to the second round of all the #mumstories you’ve been sending us! In case you missed it, here’s the first.

For us, March means mums. March 26th is Mother’s Day in the UK… but we’re celebrating mums all month long. Because, really, Mother’s Day should last much longer than just one day.

This year, we’re turning the mic over to you. What’s the story of your mum? What makes her different than other mums? What amazing things did she do for you when you were younger?

Your “#mumstories” just keep coming in from our lovely Facebook community. We’re laughing a lot, sniffling a little, and calling up our own mums right NOW.

Our mega-talented designer Martino Pannofino has really put his digital pen through its paces this week. Which of the below is your favourite #mumstories design?

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When I was about 10 years old, My mum came to watch me play hockey. I got into a fight with the biggest kid on the other team and all I can remember as I was spreadeagled on the floor having punches rained down on me is Dad hanging onto the ankles of my mum as she tried to climb over the glass to get at him!! ( at least I hope it was at him)…”

– Paul O’Neill

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I remember when I was little I had my favourite soft toy – it was a frog – I managed to just wear the whole front right off. She remade the face with acrylic paint and whatnot, just redid the whole thing. It was amazing, so sweet.

– Michael Julian

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My mum lost the keys for the conservatory once and went ape sh*t trying to find them, we were pretty naughty kids so she thought we must have hid them and she was flying through the house like a mad woman searching for these keys. After a good 20 minutes of flailing her classic 90s perm around shouting random phrases, she found the keys, in the conservatory door, where they had been the whole time. 😒😂😂

– Katie Franklin

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When at uni and living in Spain I used to phone my mam if I was walking home on my own at night. She would talk to me until I got home safe. These phone calls usually occurred between midnight and 3am.

– Sophie Gatto

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My mum loved her push bike. She cycled everywhere. When I was in school i started playing the french horn. It was so heavy to carry my mum would meet me at the school gates and take it home balanced on her bike. The big black case it was in made it look like she was cycling round town with a toilet

– Fiona Maclean

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My mum always gave me the most amazing birthday parties, but the best was Alice in Wonderland themed with a mad hatters tea party and a big food fight afterwards!

– Lucy Dodd mumstories_meatballs (1) (1)

When I was courting my boy friend Hugh – who is now my husband – I took him home to meet my parents and my mum asked him what he liked for dinner and Hugh said “I like meat balls.” So every single time he came to our house my mum would give him meat balls.”

– Pat Hanson

We’re illustrating more #mumstories throughout March – so add yours in the comments below (or join the conversation on Facebook).


  1. My mother was super ‘picky’ and our house, although a modest council house, was perfect in decoration, cleanliness and tidiness. One thing she abhorred in particular was any sort of bottle on the dining table. When I took my boyfriend (now my husband of 49 yrs!) home for the first time, he asked for brown sauce to put on his food. Mother winced! However, having no other suitable receptacle in which to decant it, she caved in and gave him the sauce bottle. He shook it, somewhat violently, at which point it became painfully apparent that the top was not screwed on (probably my little brother’s fault) and the brown sauce shot up the dining room wall – which Mum had only recently wallpapered! She gritted her teeth and spat out the words: “It doesn’t matter” (we all knew full well that it did.). Boyfriend/hubby never asked her for sauce again!

    • An HP explosion!! Oh wow, that’s absolutely classic on the first time meeting the parents… could they laugh about it later, Sue?

      • Dear Janel

        Well, WE laughed about it – and still do even now, after Mum has long since “shuffled off this mortal coil” – but I don’t think she was too keen on perpetuating the memory!

        Incidentally, could you tell me when I go to be able to ready my entire anecdote? Hubby wants to see is, especially as he was the “star of the show”!

        In essence, hubby got on well with my Mum and she took his humour in good faith, even when he bought her a besom broom, telling her he’d bought her “her own transport”!

        All the best.
        Sue Neale

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