#mumstories, Round I: The Story of Your Mum, Illustrated

For us, March means mums. March 26th is Mother’s Day in the UK… but we’re celebrating mums all month long. Because, really, Mother’s Day should last much longer than just one day.

This year, we’re turning the mic over to you. What’s the story of your mum? What makes her different than other mums? What amazing things did she do for you when you were younger?

We started by asking the good folks in the office (causing more than a few tears along the way), then handed the reins over to our lovely Facebook community. Looks like we really struck a chord with people, because the “#mumstories” just keep pouring in.

Our über-talented designer Martino Pannofino has been illustrating some of our very favourites.

mumstories_chicken (1)

The other day, I was walking on the street and I remembered a little part of a story that they used to tell us in the Czech Republic. Its about a greedy chicken that chokes on a strawberry he tries to eat whole. I asked my mom for the rest of the story, and she sent it to me via voice message.

Now she sends me voice messages all the time with stories she used to tell me in my childhood. And it catches me unaware, and I find myself tearing up in public.

And my mum, she’ll tell me the moral of the story – like with the chicken, it’s “Don’t be greedy” – and then she’ll add “… so don’t trust men! They’re all greedy jerks!”

– JP Hrubant


My mom was cleaning out some stuff and found a dress that looked covered in blood and broke into tears. I was quite worried until I realized she was having tears of laughter as she requested I get my dad. She then told me it was the dress she wore the night of her engagement party. My father and her got drunk and being a hopeless romantic my dad requested if there was anything she always wanted to do. My mom decided she wanted to paint a large globe light outside of the police station blood red. She was never caught. Miss you mom, you taught me to be a rebel for a story.

– Matt O’Brien

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 15.44.27

When breaking up my parents house I found a box of papers which belonged my Mum.
There was a letter on 10 Downing Street paper, with a lovely hand written note signed by Clementine Churchill, from 1944. Thanking my Mum for a donation to the Russian Aid fund.
Mum was 12 in 1944.

I never knew about the letter, and she had never told me about it.

Throughout her life she helped others, every chance she got.

– Diana Dyce

mumstories_wash (1)

I moved 200 miles away from home when I was 17 or so. Broke my mums heart. I used to take a big bag of washing home on public transport. It was more difficult to carry it home than wash it myself, but I knew it made my mum feel better.

– Steve Hanson

We’re illustrating more #mumstories throughout March – so add yours in the comments below (or join the conversation on Facebook).


  1. joan coughlan Reply

    Hi, my mum, who has sadly passed, was a wonderful mum but she also had a wicked sense of humour. She would put illuminous face masks on at night and sneak outside and press her face against the living room window and wait for us to see her.She got us every time. The neighbours would come running out wonderig what the screaming was about. Miss you mum. xx

    • That sounds AMAZING, Joan – what a wonderful mum (and hilarious neighbour!). Sending your story to the designers to see if they can draw up something lovely.

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