The Book of Dad: Fresh artwork and all-new pages

This Father’s Day, we’ve put our heads together and our pens to paper working up fresh new artwork for The Book of Dad.

Dads are a topic close to our hearts. All three of our founders are Dads, not to mention a heaping handful of the rest of the team. Father’s Day offers a yearly opportunity for reflecting on fatherhood, but we like to think of every day as a good day to celebrate great Dads.

-book_3_dadIn putting together the design for the new pages, we pulled on everything we’d learned through our Dad-related projects. What does it look like in the exact moment when a man becomes a Dad? What if Dads could get pregnant? What have people never told their Dad?

book_1_dadWe’re pleased as punch with the results. We think they make a lovely, heartfelt gift for marvelous Dads the world ’round. They’re a careful balance of bad jokes, curious conversation starters, and earnest gratitude (sound like your Dad?). And, of course, there are loads of opportunities to add in your own bits and pieces: treasured memories with your father in both words and pictures.

book_2_dadHead over to the book builder to preview and customize all the hot-off-the-press pages in the special Father’s Day edition of The Book of Dad.

Go on, put a little grit in your Dad’s eye. He deserves it.

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