Personalised Books for Christmas

This guide is designed to save you time doing your Christmas gift shopping, whilst helping you create gifts that your friends and family will love.

six good reasons to buy personalised books

Six GOOD reasons to give them one of our personalised books this Christmas:

  1. They’re much easier to wrap than a puppy.
  2. There are no fiddly parts to assemble.
  3. Batteries are not required. 
  4. When they finish it, it’s still full.
  5. It doesn’t need ironing.
  6. It’s a gift they’ll get to open over and over again.

One GREAT reason to give them one of our personalised books this Christmas:

  1. Because you’ll be filled with that warm, fuzzy feeling that you only get when giving something you know they’ll love because they’ll feel the effort you made and how much you appreciate them.  That feeling is hard to describe, which is why it took thirty-three words, but this is the feeling we pour into our books. 
feelings we pour into out books

Who are you buying for this Christmas?

A perfect Personalised Book for your Partner at Christmas

a perfect personalised book for your partner at christmas

The Romantic Edition

This book is sentimental without being overly sappy. It’s about celebrating your partner in glorious style and making them feel amazing. We all need that lift from time to time. The artwork is beautifully crafted and the humorous facts perfectly personalised to your special person. You can add your memories, photos and dedication –  the icing to the cake. And this is no cupcake: fifty wonderful pages including an opportunity to completely blow their minds by adding an Augmented Reality Video Celebration – that’s a video that will appear in their book when viewed through a phone camera. 

The Couples Edition

New this year!  Whilst the Romantic Edition celebrates your better half, this book celebrates the two of you and your journey together. You can make it as fun or as sentimental as you wish, with opportunities to award trophies, add photos and memories, even add a message to a cake.   celebrate him like never before and make him proud.  Fifty glorious pages, including entertaining facts personalised to him, his own newspaper, a car page (with personalised number plates, of course) and a scientifically-proven Best Dad In The World page.  You can add photos and memories to make it truly a book all about the man himself.  

We also have a very special Beano-inspired personalised book for cheeky dads – okay, this will suit most dads. If your dad was a Beano fan, send him on a hilarious trip down memory lane with Wise(ish) Words by Dennis. It’s packed with Beano humour and original artwork.

A magnificent Personalised Book for your Mum at Christmas

pesonalised gifts for your mum at christmas

The Book of Mum

Mum has a lot on her plate at Christmas so here’s a unique gift to show how much you appreciate her. The Book of Mum celebrates all that makes your mum the best. A magnificent mix of fun personalised pages and opportunities to add photos and memories. You can even add an augmented reality video message that will play when she views the book through her phone camera. This book says ‘thank you mum’ with bags of style and a touch of magic.

A clever Personalised Book for the kids at Christmas

a clever personalised book fo rthe kids at christmas

Wise(ish) Words for Kids

This book is a smart way to unglue kids or grandkids from their screens. Filled with fun and useful wisdom for ages from 6 to 16+ and delivered in a way that will make them think.  Choose from graffiti, collage and graphic artwork styles, select the heartfelt & humorous quotes that will resonate with them, or write your own favourite quotes. Finish with a photo or two. We know that words sometimes go in one ear and out the other, which is why we had one simple goal in mind with this personalised book: help your children become the very best version of themselves. 

 A great personalised book for grandparents at Christmas

great personalised book for grandparents at christmas

The Book of Everyone

The most important thing about any gift for grandparents is the feelings within it. They really don’t need more floral-scented soaps or striped ties. They do need celebrating for the wonderful people they are. That’s why we created The Book of Everyone – everyone deserves a book all about them. Each book is full of personalised nostalgia to get them reminiscing about ‘the good old days’.  There are entertaining facts to make them smile and lots of opportunities to add your own touches and photos. You can even upload a video message through augmented reality that will appear in their book. These books are always loved and cherished. Read our reviews on Trustpilot or give one and you’ll see why. 

A fabulous Personalised Book for your friends at Christmas

fabulous personalised book for your friends at christmas

Friends often come second to family on the Christmas gift list. Here’s a way to avoid the last-minute amazon afterthought gift! We have several personalised books that they will love and that will show you guys have been through a lot together.

The Book of Everyone

The original and ultimate celebration of the individual. Hilarious personalised facts all about them, stunning artwork and surprises on every page –  such as their unique symbol, their human number, their name written in stars, or even an augmented reality video message from you that will come to life on the pages. A marvellous book with a touch of magic.

Our Wise(ish) Words collection

Each book is full of heartfelt and hilarious wisdom personalised to their character.  We have Golf Lovers, Dog lovers or Cat Lovers, New Parents, Graduates, BFFs or Wise(ish) words for Life for everyone else.  They are as much fun to make as to give. You can even share the book URL in your browser and create your book together with another friend. You can even add an augmented reality video celebration that will come to life on the pages. 

There’s a book for everyone at The Book of Everyone. 

Merry Christmas. 

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