The pursuit of (customer) happiness

I’m naturally a cheerful sort of person. An always-look-on-the-bright-side, glass-half-full, let-the-good-times-roll type. But I’m not a robot. So, when I say I really do enjoy being at my desk, you can be sure there are good reasons.

Like anyone, I’ve had jobs that gave me the Sunday fear. I’ve woken up on a Monday to drag my sleep-deprived body through the morning routine while thinking “Do I reaaaally need this job?

These days, though, I can honestly say I actually love my job and love coming into the office.

Allow me to give you an insight as to what it’s like working here at The Book of Everyone.

Meet the all-star problem solving team

I’m part of the Customer Happiness Team. We didn’t want to get bogged down with the old grey “customer service” tag. Yes, we provide customer service – but we like to think we’re able to do much more than that.

Our team:

  • JP: The sassy sailor taking care of the ship
  • Maria: The “Fearless-on-the-phones” Hawaiian
  • Francesc: The smooth-voiced dynamo
  • Quique: The Valencian hunk
  • And myself, Joe: On a one-man mission to bring back the phrase “crikey”

Saving the day, every day

We are the real live humans who painstakingly check each and every one of your books to make sure they are in tip-top condition before they leave us.

On a few occasions, we get to save the day too. For instance, when it turns out the old “my-dog’s-eaten-it” story has a good deal of truth to it.

Before you know it, we’ve put our capes on, battled with the seagulls en route, and plopped another book down on your doorstep to show the sneaky pooch who’s boss.  

In between solving customer issues, we’re always dreaming up projects to keep you guys at the forefront of everything we do. Like The Fantastic Fund.

What’s The Fantastic Fund?

One of my favourite projects is the oh-so-special Fantastic Fund. Every month, we put a little money aside to celebrate ruddy marvellous stories, console broken hearts, and even nudge longtime lovers to finally tie the knot.

Whilst we’re busy checking through all of your books, we pick out a story or two that makes us think – “Hey, these guys deserve a little more. Let’s bloomin’ do something!”

We’ve sent out everything from sleeking shampoo to Barbara in Windsor for use on her beloved Yorkshire Terrier Bailey’s prize-winning fur, to wax for Keith from Northampton so that he can polish his coveted vintage 1954 MG on those elusive British summer days.

And why on earth would a book company do this?

Because we are deadly serious about our mission to celebrate amazing stories and spread a colossal dollop of wonderful across the world.  


  1. You may share my story,but use only tim for my name : The reason this was SO special is he is incarcerated & can only receive unopened gifts from Amazon & sites & certain items, like I can’t just buy him a shirt, a coffee mug,etc, But books can be bought from Amazon & sent directly to him, He is a good man, who made a mistake that he will have to pay 5 yrs. for/ / If Maria would like to edit & add my story to a blog, it would be fine, in any way I can help your group, please let me know. You are a sincere group of individual people with heartfelt goals,hard to find these days !!! call me or email – Thank You !! Tim

    • Wow – thank you so much for your kind words, Tim <3 Simply thrilled to hear how incredibly special the book you made was - I've passed your story on to the whole team to make everyone smile, and I'll be in contact via email to say hi directly 🙂

  2. Christine Carnes Reply

    Hi I’m a Gram that ordered a book for my Grandaughters 13 Birthday & realized I put the wrong date in her book, I sent an email right away to change it but I guess you did not receive it in time? I love the book but I can’t give it to her with the wrong date, is there anything I can do other than order another one? Please let this Gram who hits wrong keys know if there is anything to do. Thank you!

    • Hi Christine! I’ve alerted Joe of our lovely customer service team to your question – he’s on the case and will be responding to you via email 🙂

      • Enjoyed the article “lost” about British people losing things, can’t help but wonder how Americans compare ???

        • That’s a great question, Tim… I’ll just have to get our American writer to scribble up a line or two about things gone missing.

  3. Sheila Gringley Reply

    Great customer service – books (I’ve sent two so far), have been very well received. Great concept.:)

  4. Gina Stockley Reply

    What an amazing company not run by robots 😊. Ordered 2 books which arrived 3 days after ordering! Amazing service, can’t wait to order another book. Keep up the good work, your brilliant and I will definitely recommend you too friends family and everyone else 😊😊

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